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  2. Thanks for the info and understood!
  3. Congratulatoin Galactus you hard work mate
  4. I hope this works, thank you man !!!!!
  5. jolly good show old boy
  6. @Galactus
  7. I don't got any either. Why should somebody hack my phone. I don't use EBanking or anything else what somebody would want on it.
  8. Thanks for this man, hope it works !
  9. hi everybody
  10. Hi!

    Hi Ravn!! i'm a new member too
  11. I always used Android. But i would like to try at least once iOS, that's why my next phone is going to be an iPhone.
  12. thanks for sharing
  13. Hi all, i'm Ludovico from italy. I like technology and i hope to be here long time reading and learning lot of things. Thank you all!!!
  14. Hi!

    Hi! Just found the Site over Google. Everything looks really nice comfy here Gonna first take a look at the graphic area and then lets see
  15. of course Android!!! Open source technology can't be beaten
  16. for gaming, in my opinion, desktop is definitely better than laptop. I always use desktop
  17. Thanks a lot bro
  18. thanks for sharing
  19. vertex

    thanks for sharing
  20. Today
  21. Thanks hope it works man. Shall Update if it does.
  22. Many thanks
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