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  2. Thanks for the share!
  3. thanks for the pass my man
  4. good work man!! well done!!
  5. good job
  6. thanks
  7. good job, tks bro
  8. Sweet! Thanks a bunch!
  9. thanks broo
  10. thanks very much for the share
  11. how does the salt and pass work in login stage ? i cant find the detail about this
  12. in sentry General>>>fake setting>>> followredirects << tick this . btw i see sumone on your threads says he fixed the config
  13. with one username it becomes 99.99% impossible to crack. use as many as you can get valid usernames and try them against common passwords. then you have a good chance of getting a hit .
  14. thanks mate
  15. thank you very much
  16. thanks! hope still works
  17. Checking this out, thanks for leaking!
  18. thank you very much
  19. many tanks dude
  20. sentry mba

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