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  2. LOL make myself "known"......fuck everybody here SHOULD already know me I been cracking for over 12 years. I'm not being a dick here but I can contribute BUT it will need to be on my time I travel for my job all over the U.S. and Canada and don't always have time to crack. As far as "proving" myself....again LOL!!!! Anyways.....let me know but again it will be on my time I sometimes go a week or more without logging in if I'm traveling. P.S. I don't desire to be on staff though or moderate anything I'm way too busy for that.
  3. Thank you, i was needed
  4. thank you so much. I've been looking for this!
  5. thank you for your effort
  6. thank you for sharing this content with us man
  7. thank you for your offer
  8. thank you for your effort
  9. thanks for sharing + propz
  10. Thanks a lot for sharing this password, Of is very nice.
  11. The account is banned, please update!
  12. kaligula24

    sentry mba

    thanks brother for sharing
  13. thank you for your effort
  14. thank you so very much
  15. thank you for your effort
  16. Combo: User Combo Proxy: Yes Bots: 35 Proof:
  17. Thanks for the pass, much appreciated! +Propz
  18. thank you for your effort
  19. thank you for your effort
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