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  3. VLC and pot player are good
  4. lol
  5. iOS for better life
  6. puffin the best browser on the iphone i think ,fast loading .
  7. im new in this forum too
  8. ngentotmama welcome to NTG,we love to check out some of your work.Just follow the >>>Rules<<< and enjoy your new home.
  9. i confused , what the best os for design?
  10. Im a designer and love porn . im from asia. i fount this forum from search at google :). i think this forum so great.
  11. great for the needy
  12. thanks. keep up your good work
  13. http://blog.talosintelligence.com/2017/09/ccleaner-c2-concern.html 5.34 version still infected - update to 5.35 64-bit exec version also infected - FU @DrMouse
  14. very enticing
  15. Thanks everyone for entering, the winning number is 7, congrats @SPost Check your PM. I can now post so expect some HQ accounts... also my first time using random.org so i hope i did the best method....
  16. thank you dude...really appreciated <3
  17. is this going to get updated every year for 1000???
  18. How many people is using linux here? I love ubuntu
  19. thanks for this,I never knew about it.
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