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    http://prntscr.com/grqomr This contest is only open to members Current Hitlist If you remove oppaje from the leader board 2 months free rr If you remove Kerodan 3 months free RR If you remove xcyclonix 4 Months free RR if you remove xXxKGBxXx 1 month free SB if you remove Illusive-Man 2 months free SB Let the games begin, ends October 30th, you can post your accounts anywhere on the board
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    recently two members has been banned for staff harassment and i notice something on NTG is that some members here have no respect for STAFF. So from now on if any one caught talking shit to any Staff member or any other member his going be banned immediately. Mods now have the green light to ban anyone caught for staff harassment.
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    This is my first decentralized cracker, hope you guys will find it useful! -Unique features with this tool is that you can add an unlimited amount of sites and then run the cracker which will then crack all of the sites, one by one. This is useful since you don't need to wait until you can crack next site, it is all done automatically! -You can also remove a site by selecting it in the list of added sites. (I can also add proxysupport if people need it) -Extract the content from the zip. -Place the two files in the same folder. -Run the exe program. Useful info: You need .NET 4.5 or higher in order to run this program. The file logins.txt is where your combos are stored. You can copy and paste different combos directly into the textbox and then hit save and it'll save the combo to the file. If you get any hits it will popup if you want it to. Hits will be saved to a file named workinglogins.txt when the cracker has finished. You'll notice when it's finished since a message will popup telling you how long time it took to test all combos. Antivirus scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/8713681a9969c07d6933bb6077eefe25c28dff93917328c53016e9113abbb993/detection Download:
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    Hey Guys, I learned, I have to contribute more to get back my power user rank Let me share this big pack for you. Give me +PROPZ and i give you more packs http://members2.mofos.com/access/login/ http://members.seemyflixxx.com/index.php pornhubpremium.com pornhub.com bang.com / videosz.com https://xhamster.com/login Streamate.com http://www.giannaxxx.com/members http://lovehomeporn.com/login
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    To those of you who are curious as to the contents of Redrope or ShadyBastards, NTG Admins, the ones in purple http://prntscr.com/gqzd0z are authorized to give you a 5 minute preview, please do NOT waste their times, they are doing this voluntarily and are prone to getting pissed off, also don't think you can get in and leech the place out, they can view all your activity on the site and I doubt you want to piss any of them off. If you are truly interested leave a polite request here and they will get to you in an orderly fashion. Example Hello, I am interested in purchasing RR or SB, IT HAS TO BE ONE OR THE OTHER, NOT RR AND THEN SB, please allow me 5 minutes to preview. Thanks Do not bitch and complain that you did not get enough a chance to look, keep in mind they dont have to do this and they are taking time out of their schedule to fit you in, so the nicer you are the more your chances are good of being let in to look. -------------------------------- Addition from Bonez: If you want to have a preview contact firstly Admins ( @Bonez, @Bulma @Nazgul if none of us available contact any s-mod / Sherlock or mod that's online and you will be given the rank (RR or SB) you wish to preview for about 5 minutes to LOOK at the content, to reply in a thread will REQUIRE you to have purchased the upgrade. A little bit like window shopping. If you go thieving you get the hammer.
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    1st. @-uMc- will now share Role responsibilities with Buddah, this means he can choose his own colors since he has earned it. 2nd. @BulmaDB and @Bonez Will be your new Admins (They will assume a huge roll with the other Admins, Namely Nazgul) will pm with notifications. 3rd. The above mentioned Bulmad and Bonez will choose their replacement from current staff, this transition will need to happen under 24 hours. Please do not beg or harrass either to influnce you being chosen as their replacement. 4Th. The will be a balance of staff changes but my confidence in the changes we are making collectively will result for the best. There is a method to this madness..and we hope to resolve many issues that need an instant fix
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    Hello guys, Today I have a custom Netflix brute. This was made by the Notorious team. Screenshot: Download: Credits: Data. Also, the Notorious Team is making custom bruteforce programs for any site. Even if the site has captcha / recaptcha / google recaptcha v2 Basically any kind of captcha, our anti-captcha will be antigate. Can include a capture for account balance, type, subs, and more. Add me on skype or PM me here to talk business. Enjoy
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    https://maximsfinest.com/vote/share/2017/alysia-rieg#_=_ All you have to do is click facebook vote, you dont have to sign anything or choose anything...just login to your facebook She thanks you and I thank you If you are super awesome get your friends to vote for her as well https://www.google.com/search?q=alysia+rieg&safe=off&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjCr-S0xuTWAhVkilQKHf6NAogQ_AUICigB&biw=1252&bih=604
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    I hate making these messages as much as you hate reading them, We have made and removed several redundant restrictions to help everyone. We prefer to pay our bill 2 months in advance and we have not been selling as many RR or SB memberships as we would like, were selling 1 month memberships that really benefit us none. We would really appreciate it if you can Buy RedRope or Shady Bastard For those who go above 1 month I may throw in bonus offers, if you are RedRope try being a SB, much more access to NTG VIP. And for fucks sakes if you spam this thread I WILL SUSPEND YOUR ACCOUNT WE REALLY NEED THE MONEY, IF WE GO DOWN..CANT BLAME ME.I am not going to pay out of my pocket Try Upgrading from RR to SB In case you want to know about SB Shady is full access to all of NTG, since it was hard to put a price on it we decided on donation amounts. If the amount donated was something we cant turn down we wont and will offer you a certain amount of time in shady. simply put its more expensive than RR RR has a pricing structure that can be found here https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/store/category/1-redrope/ Edit: SB has full access to all of NTG including PowerUser section
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    site:fakehub.com capture:no proxy: yes you need a huge list of proxies
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    Hi tom &umc. I have an idea from long time now i am officially asking for this . Is it possible the dead account which we trash can be saved somewhere. Like an account is reported as dead. When staff trash the thread the account in thread collected in somewhere in a txt file. We can use these account for other sites. This is a good way to make a combo list. Leechers are not working now a days. Through thisbway we can make a great combo list. Thanx
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    I'm ready for my current position and i hope i make NTG even better.
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    Network - 13 sites included! Nubiles-Porn.com StepSiblingsCaught.com MomsTeachSex.com BadTeensPunished.com PrincessCum.com NubilesUnscripted.com Nubiles-Casting.com Nubiles.net PetiteHDPorn.com DriverXXX.com PetiteBallerinasFucked.com TeacherFucksTeens.com BountyHunterPorn.com http://members.nubiles.net/authentication/login
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    combo - user:pass proxy - no bots - 1_3 proof - https://prnt.sc/gwstx7 Press the green arrow to express your thanks to me
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    Senior members as well, we are not here to replace your parents and teach you lessons that they forgot to, you can make an embarrassment of yourself elsewhere.
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    Combo Type:Email Combo Proxy: no Bots: 5max or use proxy for more Capture: Yes Proof.
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    Mae the cam account gods bless you with many hits. Enjoy!
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    Thanks @CountAccount Thanks @cyrus I did my best all those years, my demotion is premature. i will wake away head up as no one can said that i have act against NTG, leech from NTG or whatever.
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    Hello Friends I have a friend named Brenna Clanton, you can feel free to google her....She has a passion project to raise money to buy clothes and medications for the kids in Tanzania, NTG has already made a donation to her cause and she has not asked me to ask you but I am asking out of good Karma... She only accepts Paypal and any amount will count, if you are willing to donate, send me a PM with the subject for Brenna I will go ahead and give you her Paypal http://www.inkedmag.com/girls/brenna-clanton/ http://prntscr.com/goisux http://prntscr.com/goit1n If you can help with clothes, medications, toys, lotions, creams or whatever else you can ...let me know
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    Some members are really rude to staff. I completed their account requests, and they asked me for the configs. I told them that the configs are available in the forum, but they still want my private configs. I told them to write "request completed" in the requested thread, and they sent me PM saying "request completed" instead. I work so hard to crack accounts to complete their requests, and they should respect my work. I just ignored them because I did not want to have any problems with any members.
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