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    UPDATE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO LIKE TO SEE HIDDEN CONTENT IN THE FREE ACCOUNTS SECTION. YOU ONLY NEED TO REPLY. The "Hide Content" plugin now requires you to reply and like a post. Temporarily this will also require you to refresh your browser after commenting and liking. Try it now by replying to this topic and liking it in the bottom right: Now, after replying and liking, refresh the page. [Hidden Content]
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    ALL STAFF MEMBERS SHOULD REPLY TO THIS TOPIC Your Digital Signature is Required Example: I have read and Understood _________name_____ there so much going on right now that's why we decide to step up and stop this. from now on converting configs is not allowed what i mean by this if someone posted a config for sentry you don't have the right to remake "Convert it" with any other tool like "vertex" or any other tool without taking a permission from the member who posted the config first. it's not right to steal someone hard work, and there something else if a config is on RR & SB sections he should stay on that section and you should not make a copy and share it either in Free Area or Power User section without taking permission from the member. in case the config is dead and the member who created it can't fix it then you have the right fix it again. and something else this only applied for vertex or any other tool, sentry is our main tool in NTG and %99 of member use this program if anyone decide to ignore this new rule and keep doing the same thing he will get banned immediately from NTG.
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    To those that purchased RR and SB we thank you, our bill is almost due and we are just a bit short....for those of you who have not yet purchased RR but interested act on it yo... I may throw in a a bonus if your purchase is more than a month For those with deeper pockets and want more good shit, try being a SB https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/store/ Store link is only for prices, you need to message me for payment info We accept BTC and paypal For SB info Read this Shady is full access to all of NTG, since it was hard to put a price on it we decided on donation amounts. If the amount donated was something we cant turn down we wont and will offer you a certain amount of time in shady. simply put its more expensive than RR RR has a pricing structure that can be found here https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/store/category/1-redrope/
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    Rapidgator premium cracked 2017-09-10 [Hidden Content] Please add +PROPZ to thank me. Click on the Green up arrow will add the PROPZ ====>
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    https://members.vixen.com/ [Hidden Content] Just please don't change the password ok?
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    I hate making these messages as much as you hate reading them, We have made and removed several redundant restrictions to help everyone. We prefer to pay our bill 2 months in advance and we have not been selling as many RR or SB memberships as we would like, were selling 1 month memberships that really benefit us none. We would really appreciate it if you can Buy RedRope or Shady Bastard For those who go above 1 month I may throw in bonus offers, if you are RedRope try being a SB, much more access to NTG VIP. And for fucks sakes if you spam this thread I WILL SUSPEND YOUR ACCOUNT
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