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    Hello All We wouldnt ask if it was not important I have seen the complaints and made it clear to all the staff that if we need to make a major change to NTG then we will, this takes money and so far we have bought a new skin and updated our license and we are seeking donations and upgrades to services via payments thru paypal. This is your site and we want you to feel like its home, so please consider buying RR and or upgrading to SB via paypal, this will go to help pay for a lot more things. Regarding SB Shady is full access to all of NTG, since it was hard to put a price on it we decided on donation amounts. If the amount donated was something we cant turn down we wont and will offer you a certain amount of time in shady. simply put its more expensive than RR RR has a pricing structure that can be found here https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/store/category/1-redrope/
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    https://www.adultdvdempire.com/unlimited/account/signin PLS HIT THE GREEN ARROW, THANKS edit: someone changed the password, but the account is back
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    As a matter of transparency, this site is just as much yours as its mine. We make payments and 3 days later it still shows as pending then it goes in to credit. We need paypal donations and I am serious about it, not gonna keep footing this shit on my credit card. Upgrade your subscription to Shady Bastard Buy RedRope Shady is full access to all of NTG, since it was hard to put a price on it we decided on donation amounts. If the amount donated was something we cant turn down we wont and will offer you a certain amount of time in shady. simply put its more expensive than RR RR has a pricing structure that can be found here https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/store/category/1-redrope/
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    We've had atleast two VIP members getting hacked. I want everyone to change their password, use a unique password, that is not in use anywhere else. DO IT! Thank you.
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    READ THE RULES BEFORE COMMENTING! Comment a number. 1-30. RULES: Can NOT already have RedRope(Or ShadyBastards), ONE entry per user, must have 50+ Propz and no warning points. Ends once all spots are filled and/or on 7-17-17, Good luck. Leave +Propz if you like my giveaway!
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    i m share to you new site supports many filehost like rapidgator uploaded depfile filefatory exmatrics share-online alfafile 1fichier
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    pls hit the green arrow, thanks.
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    https://members.babes.com/access/login/ http://members2.mofosnetwork.com/access/login/ http://new.members.realitykings.com/access/login/ http://ma.brazzers.com/access/login/ (2017-11-12) https://www.bang.com (Reccuring) https://members.blacked.com/login (Reccuring)
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    By popular request, we have added 2 Factor Authentication. You can enable it by clicking here: This makes use of the Google Authenticator app. The instructions for setting up 2FA are on that page already. Get it setup for an extra layer of security. When logging in you will receive a page asking for your 2FA code that you can get from the Google Authenticator app on your phone. You can choose "Remember this computer for 30 days" to keep from having to enter it every time you sign in. You can disable it at any time too. P.S. If you lose your phone or something, we can disable 2FA on your account given you give us the proper information (we are very thorough on your account's security) EDIT: IF THE ICON ABOVE DOESNT APPEAR, CLICK YOUR NAME AND CLICK ACCOUNT SETTINGS THEN NAVIGATE TO THE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION TAB
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    https://www.julesjordan.com/members/ http://spermswallowers.com/members/ Expires On: #2017-08-11
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    Don't forget to click the green arrow (+propz)
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    http://www.xtime.tv/ PLEASE GUYS SHOW SOME LOVE
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    Nethingoez.com Code of Ethics for All Members Welcome to Nethingoez.com, your one stop site for all your needs, be it configs and or premium accounts. The following is a code of conduct we would like you to read and adhere to during your stay at our site. NTG has always been the leading provider of only the best but we are noticing that many members are here mainly to (leech) IE steal from our site and post what they stole on their sites or other sites they are members of, we need to quell this behavior and promptly. NEW MEMBERS You require to make 5 posts and wait 24 hours to see the reply button to reply and unlock topics and post with free configs / accounts / combos. A good place to start posting would be here: Introduce yourself, tell us who you are and how you found out about NTG: HERE What technology you’re passionate about: HERE Do not make Spam Posts just to see the reply button doing so will get you banned!!! Leave respectful comments which show that you appreciate the people who share passwords with you, spamming will get you banned!!! e.g [Good Reply]: http://www.oldschool-samp.com/slike/images/goodreply.png e.g [Spam Reply]: http://www.oldschool-samp.com/slike/images/spampost.png Propz (+rep) the Contributors by hitting the green arrow button if the password works for you, if the password does not work, please click the "Report Post" button immediately and say in message "Expired account / Dead account.". Don’t just edit and update the post stating that the password is not working or the dead account won’t be removed. Leeching is strictly forbidden, your account will be banned immediately!!! Help the Staff find spammers / leechers by reporting their spam or when the rules are broken. Leeching includes the following: Taking more than one of the same type of account e.g replying to 2 or more posts , filehost / porn / or any type of account, if the password doesn’t work, please hit the "Report Post" button immediately . Sharing any content posted by NTG members on another forum or posting accounts from other forums on NTG. Do not change account passwords thinking it will become yours, doing so will alert the original owner of the account and they will change it again, in the end everyone loses, the account lasts longer if the password remains the same. Posting or Requesting for any accounts that is financial in nature e.g [Amazon, WalMart, Udemy, PayPal, etc ] or child porn, bestiality, nudism is strictly forbidden, will result in immediate account banned. For all Announcements and Updates regarding NTG, please visit the following link: HERE IMPORTANT Dos & DON’Ts: Do NOT message staff asking for favors, this just puts you on a list of soon to be banned or warned, we are here to make a clean environment for you and not here to be your personal account supplier or config maker. SHOUT BOX RULES: English is the only language allowed in Shout Box. Do not request for accounts in the Shout Box. Watch your language and do not be abusive. - Forum Replying Limitations: Very Important: For All Members - You cannot take more than 1 of the same type of account or it will be considered as leeching. Free Tosses: There is A Reply limit of 5, you can split the quota of 5 in any way you like between Configs and Accounts during a 24 Hour Period, [e.g: you can take 3 configs and 2 accounts , or 4 accounts and 1 config , just make sure not to take 2 of the same type of accounts or to exceed the 5 quota limit per 24 hrs] Public Configs: There Is A Limit Of 3 Configs Replied To In a 24 Hour Period. Power Users: There Is A 5 Reply Limit Of Premium Tosses Per 24 Hours, Only 1 Reply To A Content Within the 5 Replies. [i.e. = Netflix Considered as 1, Hulu Considered As 1 etc etc]. Power User Configs: Same as Public Configs, limit of 3 per 24 Hours. Red Rope Members: The Replying Limitations Have Been Upgraded To 10 Tosses Per 24 Hour Period. Red Rope Configs: This Also Has Been Upgraded To 5 Configs Per A 24 Hour Period. POWER USERS Once you cross 250 posts you will automatically be promoted to Power User (PU) and gain access to the Premium Account section of NTG. In order to remain Power User, kindly post accounts or configs periodically in the Free Account Tosses or Premium Account Tosses section, failing to do so will result in you being demoted to Member0 group with limited access. You guys probably already know this but I would like to repeat it, if the password does not work, please click the “Report Post” button, don’t just edit and update the post stating that the password is not working or the dead account won’t be removed. RED ROPE MEMBERS [VIP] Red Rope (RR) gives you access to the entire site with high quality accounts and configs, If you are interested in purchasing RedRope please visit https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/store/ . If you have questions about if RedRope is for you please do feel free to contact a member with that status to inquire within and come to a decision on your own. STAFF Our staff is human and we do make errors, our staff is not out of bounds to you, let it be Owner, Admin, Developer, Super Moderator, Sherlock, Moderator and Contributor drop them a line if you have an inquiry and they will do their best to respond back to you. We enjoy private messages with you if they are of importance so please keep it that way, keep in mind this is a forum and if you have a broader question please make a topic here http://nethingoez.com/index.php?/forum/82-general-discussions/ PROMOTION [Rank] Progression of your status at NTG will be solely based on your performance, if you are here to only steal from us, then that will red flag our very attentive staff and your stay here will be terminated via a ban, if you have any disagreements or feel that an unjust warning or ban has been issued please visit our e-mail nethingoezdotcome@gmail.com The more you share on NTG the more you get recognized , keep sharing , keep giving propz where its deserved and you’ll quickly work your way to the top. All good deeds do NOT go unnoticed at NTG, if we feel you are an example of a good member we will naturally thank you in our own way. Ass kissing is frowned upon. TRADES / BARTERS / SALES Sales or Trades Of any kind things are allowed here. To break it down in simple terms, it's considered a trade any time the situation is "If you do this, I'll do that" and selling is offering a product, service, etc. for money. The staff does not monitor or play middleman in your exchanges. NTG reserves the rights of the seller and the buyer to be mutual and this hereby excludes staff or any kind from this situation. SELLING OF GOODS All Sellers Must Be At Least Of Power Users Rank, and Have Contributed To The Forum, If Not And Found, It Will Be Hidden, And You Will Be Reprimanded For Not Following The Rules, And Even Possibly Banned. NTG values your loyalty and have allowed you the opportunity to open a sales thread. You may create your thread here http://nethingoez.com/index.php?/forum/172-selling/ SALES POSTS - DOs AND DONTS Please do not go overboard in your topic description to gain attention... Examples of what is not allowed: e.g: @@@@@@@@@ LOOK AT MUH SHIT @@@@@@@@@ e.g: ~*~**~*~*~**~* Yo I got the goods here ~*~**~*~*~**~* Examples of Valid sales thread: e.g: Bob's Stuff for Sale e.g: Uploaded accounts for Sale or Trade e.g: My collection of sales items In your sales post / thread be as articulate and accurate of your sale items. Examples of a sales thread "Clause": e.g: Items for sale e.g: Items are available for sale to Power Users and above e.g: Member should be in good standings with NTG's rules e.g: Member shall have X amount of warnings to inquire about a sale Method of Payment: Be as precise as to the methods of payments you accept i.e PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza etc. SCAMMED? WHAT TO DO NEXT Then we get to the negative aspects of sales, please keep in mind we do have shady scum bags on the site who will purchase Items and file a complaint with PayPal since this is a virtual good and you will 99% lose your case and be asked to issue a refund, consider using Bitcoin for sales. To create a Bitcoin account please visit https://blockchain.info/ Bitcoin is untraceable currency and basically they don't have a chance to dispute. Now the worst, You got scammed, what the fuck do I do? Honestly the truth is you got fucked, NTG will not intervene in your transactions and you need to suck it up as a loss You can however warn the rest of the sales crowd in a gripe post here http://nethingoez.com/index.php?/forum/279-scam-reports/ you can report the sales as defunct and or file an appeal to work with the buyer to resolve your case, once again NTG Staff will not delegate this forum, if we do find that the buyer is being an extreme dickbag the most we can do for you is to ban the user. NTG seriously encourages a barter system or a trade system to keep things as smooth as possible. Example: You have an uploaded account I need, ask me what I have to trade for it, I just may have something fresh that you can use. This will severely diminish any negative hostilities that may occur Valuable or Prolific Sellers or one's with a Flawless history of sales will be give a tag of "Verified Seller" so at least you know you’re dealing with a reputable source. HISTORY OF THE NEW RULES UPDATED Qickly read for new rules updated for old members: Date 6/10/2016 Upgraded Forum Replying Limitations: Red Rope Members & Red Rope Configs Respect the rules, behave like a normal fucking human & you will be fine Remember that we are watching you We will add more if needed, but you get the gist of it. If I have omitted anything else that needs clarification myself or another staff member can edit this post, we will not be transparent like other sites and keep you out of any loop, the more you know about us the easier it is for you. Regards, Nethingoez.com Staff
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    Eid mubarek to all my Muslim brothers. Today our eid. Visit your relatives & hug your family. Happy & healty eid!
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    Don't forget to leave a propz by clicking the green arrow
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    if you like it propz up have fun
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    What do you think about this graphics guys? if you guys don't like that, I can make different something. @monk @bulmadb @nazgul Tagged ranks; Without NTG tags; Removed temporarily so people don't steal our tags - UncleToM
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    Hello Members, If by chance you have wandered in to NTG and noticed you have a RR membership, it is because our staff/ Specific staff member has found it suitable to gift you with 1 free month based on your actions at NTG, you can check to see what staff member gifted you by looking at your profile purchase and you will see Gratis (which means free) and a - ____Name___ Thanks for being an awesome member
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    http://members.germangoogirls.com/members/ Expiration date: 2017-06-05 (5 julne)