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  1. @Galactus congrats , well deserved bro
  2. thank u ,i need this
  3. checking if this is new ,thanks man
  4. @Agga68 first u missed this header X-CSRF-Token u need to parse it from login stage and assign it in post action stage as header with var then u can redirect to https://liquidsky.tv/en/verification use redirect trigger key success":true and final SK >Logout<
  5. @Agga68 Post valid acc through PM ill check
  6. which site?
  7. no difference between assign var to header in get or post method if u know how to assign var to header its the same
  8. thanks man
  9. lol ,u used this https://www.onlinehashcrack.com/hash-identification.php i tried most of those ,non of them i think
  10. good suggestion man thanks
  11. anybody know what is this encryption? password:000000 hash:34a80b7ac7d0a9591951e6dfcbb99927 salt:51b0ea
  12. 55 bots on pless config