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  1. well figured with a twitch stream afterwards anyone who has the link there can watch the entire video. But up for whatever ideas just think we need something for those wanting to really learn and earn
  2. @Khan and @Lol if you guys want to do this that would be great let me know a day and time that works for you at least 4 days advance and I will make a private invite message for who is interested in viewing and worth being taught. Thanks guy just shoot me a PM
  3. Thats why the offer is out there if anyone wants to pick it up who has the time
  4. Any config mastas interested in holding a private twitch stream live for config mastas in training? Think this could be a great idea because unlike a youtube tutorial its live with a chat so people can interact and get the proper help needed. This would be a private stream for those we know will use the knowledge to create and contribute here. Anyone comfortable enough to do this throw it in a post on here and we will set something up. Multiple people welcomed as we can host more then one event. Hoping to see this get alot of love
  5. lmao way to easy thanks for giving me something to do
  6. There should never have been a public request option that's why its fucked, hopefully it becomes Premium Exclusive like it should
  7. shit happens no hard feelings go do your thing and thanks for the contributions.. see ya when i see ya
  8. Anyone figure a way to bypass new slingtv security feature? Cracked all these accounts and there worth dick until we can bypass the email bullshit
  9. Haven't seen it and don't think it's a possibility or they would have them. I see fuckers claim there's a capture but its bullshit. I've cracked over 20,000 accounts when I was trying and got 15 with games but only 5 I could use at the time without verification bullshit. If someone can prove me wrong then by all means do so and show me
  10. change your reply as it looks like a bot replying

  11. switch up your thanks reply if you can as you do the same comment for everything