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  1. official

    Testing on there way signups closed for now! Good luck to all
  2. official

    Glad to see the turn out been giving out test and liking what I see from a few so far gonna send another test out now to new recruits. Good luck guys
  3. official

    Anyone caught using other peoples configs masking as there own will not only have a snowball chance in hell ranking but will feel the wraith!
  4. official

    lol Then im just gonna have to flood your inbox with request
  5. official

    Theres no harm in fact I encourage it I just dont want to make it a mandatory thing when i'm needing configs to be pouring in. I'm sure if people ask for help someone will step up or maybe put together a great walkthrough
  6. official

    Im gonna sign you up fucker I know your skill level any issues let me know
  7. official

    Not in my world, I just need people to keep the configs coming in every section commons, uncommon s and privates. If someone wants to create a tutorial thats on them and its a plus but that is not a mandatory thing so if you want to throw your hat back in I would suggest you do so homie
  8. official

    well I would ask if you hold my ice tea bottle
  9. We are currently looking for a few good men and or women to become config masta's and join our army. Have what it takes? Or at least think you do? Leave a reply that your interested and a few will be picked to go through some test and if all turns well will join staff to help flourish NTG more then ever. Before throwing your name in the hat know a few things, Even though there's perks that come with a higher rank there are also rules and conditions along side. If you can answer yes to the following and are interested reply and you will be considered. 1: Can you make a functioning config for sentry mba either proxyless or not? 2: Can you add a capture to your config? Please keep in mind that further details of recruitment will be made after passing a few test. We hope you have what it takes and are wanting to join our team! Good luck
  10. Great work @abrooke139 keep that shit up its noted.
  11. Anyone figure a way to bypass new slingtv security feature? Cracked all these accounts and there worth dick until we can bypass the email bullshit
  12. Haven't seen it and don't think it's a possibility or they would have them. I see fuckers claim there's a capture but its bullshit. I've cracked over 20,000 accounts when I was trying and got 15 with games but only 5 I could use at the time without verification bullshit. If someone can prove me wrong then by all means do so and show me