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    @ConsTatiNe Congrats!
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    @Bonez Super and SOTM Congrats, well deserved!
  3. Let's see, thanks for share dude.
  4. Nice, looks professional I vote for change present logo for this
  5. CREO QUE COMPRENDO ahroa .. Voy A Intentar POR AAQUI .. DESPUES LO BORRAS Si Quieres .. 

    1. Link111
    2. bernis


      aprobecho pa preguntar sera que es permitido otro idioma en mensajes de perfil de un user?

    3. Link111


      Eso, no sé xD pero supongo que dentro de tu perfil no hay problema, siempre que no se abuse... ya que estos mensajes son públicos.

  6. Gay

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  7. Do not say too loudly...
  8. So, true LOL
  9. Yeah, you right... that's is a big LOL
  10. For Windows the best ever MPC-HC x64, if you don't use Windows VLC.
  11. 1. Should staff all be demoted and we form a communist union on NTG? WHO THE FUCK SAID THAT?! -- PD: Good idea I suggest too add a TAG label, like [Suggestion] or [Bug] in the title post.
  12. mmm @RAJPOOT , @_Cabal_ and @RAINBOW for example, you guys save your account data in your browser or any kind of plugin to save your account in NTG? Maybe is the global variable of session, sometimes disturb with another plugin session...
  13. In my case ESET and Malwarebytes.
  14. Kaspersky = False positives everywhere