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  1. welcome RAINBOW , can you see a chat box?
  2. vertex proxyless

    thanks for share this config mani
  3. vertex

    thanks for share this one ,new 4 me
  4. chapter 2 please , I waiting for this, even more than 7th season ofthewalkindead
  5. vertex

    bravo , nice config man
  6. than ks for share this
  7. How are you brother?

    Thanks for everything

    .If you need somethins, you can say me.I always try to help you :bighug: 

    1. vladiss


      Thank you for each of your words bro , makes me feel great (very good  for perfectgonzo.com :thumbsup:) ,Have a wonderful day bro

    2. abrooke139


      Have a wonderful day too my brother.If you need help.You can pm me everytime. :party: 

  8. thanks bro , realmente apreciado ,espero que mi puto antivirus me permita usarlo sin ningun inconveniente
  9. thanks a lot sir
  10. thanks for the tool e info
  11. linda perra vida
  12. HELLO BUCK ,delete some of your messages , please

  13. not think mistakenly , white cat cries only because of the weight of the 2 cats that are above Him
  14. This is more funny :Turtle has appetite for nuts