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  1. thanks for sharing this, +propz update: brazzers banned
  2. thanks for sharing this update: banned on brazzers
  3. Subscription: BangBros

    Hope it's working, 10-12 accounts I tested before this were banned update: not working. Im disappointed now! Guess I'll just let it go then!
  4. Allkindsofgirls.com

    thanks a lot, great site
  5. thanks for sharing this program dude, looks awesome
  6. hi to all. I'm having this problem with most of the websites who use https protocol. when in mw I wanna analyze the webstie, it gives me error 420 ssl handshake failed, how though in http debugger with a trick I'm able to bypass that, but when I use httpfox to get the user and pass field name, most of the times it don't work when i put it in the fields manually, and some sites have ocr captcha which you should use mw to bypass. anyone have any suggestions how to fix this? i searched whole web for a solution, but nothing till now. much appreciated, also sorry if my english isn't perfect! here is a picture of the error:
  7. Havij 1.17 Pro

    thanks for sharing this. v1.16 is not working for me
  8. GMAIL Account Brute Force/Checker Tool

    thanks for sharing this mate.
  9. Work With Dorks v2.1

    thanks for sharing this really useful