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  1. Here you go, the new nudes that were just released Miley Cyrus is nasty bruh if you wanna see her pee, go ahead lol http://uploaded.net/file/9ouasm4j pass: julian@nethingoez.com
  2. Come on guys, just 2 memberships sold....
  3. hey bro...please give me to pay for PP

  4. I hate making these messages as much as you hate reading them, We have made and removed several redundant restrictions to help everyone. We prefer to pay our bill 2 months in advance and we have not been selling as many RR or SB memberships as we would like, were selling 1 month memberships that really benefit us none. We would really appreciate it if you can Buy RedRope or Shady Bastard For those who go above 1 month I may throw in bonus offers, if you are RedRope try being a SB, much more access to NTG VIP. And for fucks sakes if you spam this thread I WILL SUSPEND YOUR ACCOUNT
  5. well in that case 1 billion, cash idiot
  6. seriously, who is this moron? I am too lazy to access acp to find the brilliance behind this post
  7. How did someone so stupid and inept at reality become staff at NTG?
  8. http://prntscr.com/g70x38
  9. the fuck man http://prntscr.com/g65jt1
  10. im gonna force all members to this topic
  11. http://prntscr.com/g63z8k done my dude
  12. http://prntscr.com/g5paza its not clickable
  13. To those of you who took me on my advice about buying ETH, I hope you are relishing in the fact that you made a wise decision. I think ETH may take over BTC and supersede it with a patient climb, usually on the weekend ETH takes a safety dive and dips below $200.00 It has now touched $268 and climbing...may the force be with you
  14. Hi There, NTG is the most accommodating site, every reason to give away free RR we take it, we make sure our staff notices you and your performance and monthly they show their appreciation by gifting someone who has impressed them, staff is also able to hold contest or send me special requests for members who they feel can use a little appreciation. I have never said no to any of these requests as I feel staff should not be exempt as people who only send warnings or ban people. I don't think you will find another site that is more giving than NTG, I have been a member on sites where staff will not even talk to you, since they are obviously better than you and that is not how it works at NTG, your performance and or even your appeal. Look at MrHitler, that guy has a lifetime Redrope membership not because he is an amazing cracker or even shares posts, he goes to introductions and welcomes each member he can and is a an welcome source, so we gave it to him...you really want to dazzle us, be unique and I swear our staff will make sure you are not invisible. I hope this answers your question and as usual, I am open to all discussions via PM