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  1. if your gonna fuck em bro, spell em correct.... heifers******
  2. No Once again we have to take a hard line approach towards those who cant be defended I dont care about furries, bronies i dont care if you wear a king tut mask and fuck your girlfriend ..just the above 2 for now
  3. what the fuck is furries?
  4. NTG will not allow any - Beasitaility Related porn to be visible on NTG, this includes configs and accounts. We at NTG understand that some of you may be in to this kind of extreme porn and will not take any permananet action against you such as banning etc, if you still wish to share your good then do so in an intimate way by using your site PM. Your PM can not be used against you in any repercussions. You are NOT ALLOWED TO Openly Advertise Make Thread Speak in the Sbox about beastiality Make comments on other posts with your offers. Basically keep the shit to yourself, if someone else is interested in it and you just happen to know they enjoy watching cats getting fucked then do it in email. CHILD OR ANY UNDER AGE PORN Under any circumstances will NOT be allowed on NTG Staff is permitted to: Ban your account Ban your IP Forward your information, all that we have on file to legal authorities (Cops, Interpol, Online submissions of Child predators and others) in the hopes that you and your perversions are in jail. Keep in mind you are an adult and we hope you act in this matter, there is no thrill in watching any form of sexual abuse on a minor that is thrilling or enthralling, you need to be stabbed or shot dead in front of your parents if your in this kind of stuff KEEP IN MIND, THOUGH WE DESPISE DOING ANYTHING THAT WOULD INVADE YOUR PRIVACY, IF BY CHANCE THERE IS ANY SUSPICION THAT YOU ARE ENGAGED IN ANY IMMORAL ACTS YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU..EMAILS, PMS, CHATS ALL THAT WILL BE SUBMITTED AGAINST YOU.
  5. www.meatspin.com
  6. Thanks for joining...its all about the sharing
  7. official

    I hope ISIS kills you ;-)
  8. NTG will not TOLERATE or support constant badgering and harassment of staff, regarding wolfa. That lil cock sucker who has ZERO to NO contributions decided he was going to attack our staff Foxmind because of a config he made (pless) which got him banned from the site he was cracking. Any reasonable or smart person would use a VPN or other service when using pless. We like to be funny but this lil faggot was non stop after I got involved and asked him to stop many of times, he did not and so I did what I did. Our staff does more work than any other site and its a bitch to maintain this site and still be in a good mood to deal with your happy horse shit. If you go over the limit of making fun of staff or if your staff and take your grievances out in public against another staff, I will ban your ass in a split second. There has a be a medium where if you have a problem, use the pm system and air your shit there and resolve it. When you wanna start bringing peoples mothers in and are just a relentless cunt, then I will step in and fuck you up myself...I am the kind of asshole who has no soft spot and will even warn a staff member by name in public that your ass is next to be the fuck outa here, right? @CountAccount I get to see more stuff than you guys, i get to read more shit than you do and when I see you become a child, I will treat you like one.
  9. am new user , how would i upgrade so i can get al config i want 

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. douglas300


      Ok am requesting for payment address and i will be glad if you calculate how much i have to send in btc

    3. monk


      i sent you the address

    4. douglas300


      okay i just sent the btc

  10. I can not comment on the topics I hope to activate my membership
  11. flamepainter
  12. banned

    I have banned him due to all his posts being spam related http://prntscr.com/duj4yk I will also be pruning all his posts to show nill
  13. banned

    I took the liberty of banning this jack ass after I spent a lot of time trying to rescue his account for him to inly come to the shoutbox and start talking shit
  14. Hello, I am interested in being a VIP contributing $ 40.00 for 6 months through paypal, what should I do ??

    1. monk


      check your pm in an hour or less, i should be home

    2. vandroycaba


      Ok thanks!!!