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  1. Ok your not very smart so lets do this slow you do NOT need to own 1 ETH straight up work your way up to it coinbase account every once in a while drop 10 or 15 bucks in it and no one said theres a race to be rich, the more successful ones are the more cautious or "broke" one Your money while its in will start the maturation process and start growing so in a little time you can be up there
  2. BTC will NOT allow it to pass it For those of you paranoid switch your funds to here https://www.gdax.com/ You can set a kill amount, so for example you have 400 TH and you are comfortable losing yo 50 dollars of it, put that as yours and will sell it if it gets to that point You are investors now, you cant turn in to a bitch.
  3. So for 2 days ETH started taking a dive, this was totally expected and this is called a "Bubble" after so much activity some people will panic and change their mind causing this bubble to burst. This is where yoiu have the "housing" "work" BUBBLES. Any smart investor, even our piece of shit president Donald Trump looks for such a crisis to move on it, so while it started to come down slowly, I waited, once it got to $309 I acted and bought more and guess whos ahead now..... You all may want to google the bubble effect and see how you can capitalize on peoples fears or simple retardation. ETH is back on the rise again
  4. As a matter of transparency, this site is just as much yours as its mine. We make payments and 3 days later it still shows as pending then it goes in to credit. We need paypal donations and I am serious about it, not gonna keep footing this shit on my credit card. Upgrade your subscription to Shady Bastard Buy RedRope Shady is full access to all of NTG, since it was hard to put a price on it we decided on donation amounts. If the amount donated was something we cant turn down we wont and will offer you a certain amount of time in shady. simply put its more expensive than RR RR has a pricing structure that can be found here https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/store/category/1-redrope/

    1. monk


      its past 300 bucks....HAPPY DAYS, HAPPY DAYS

  6. next time try and make sense fuck off tito's ignature
  7. HOPE YOU LIK EIT, I THOUGHT IT NEEDED MORE COLOR AND "PERSONALITY" dont have to thank me, it was my pleasure
  8. it does not matter who, as long as its a wallet that supports buying ETH it went up today ;-)
  9. Hello Members, If by chance you have wandered in to NTG and noticed you have a RR membership, it is because our staff/ Specific staff member has found it suitable to gift you with 1 free month based on your actions at NTG, you can check to see what staff member gifted you by looking at your profile purchase and you will see Gratis (which means free) and a - ____Name___ Thanks for being an awesome member
  10. https://shapeshift.io this is the best exchanger i have found so far for a 10 dollar exchange they charge 3 bucks this is the cheapest so far this is for people who have money in their BTC and want to convert some of it without using your own bank funds
  11. Went $7.81 as of yesterday you will all be wealthy if you promise to be smarter than the money you invest
  12. Open up a coinbase account and download it your phone as well from the play store and watch your money at work...its rather exciting to be part of this moment
  13. It wont crash you idiot, you have backers like JPMorgan and IBM and more to come, do you think they would jump in if the tide was low?