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  1. @Galactus Will now be a senior member of ShadyBastards group, he will be in the Binary group based on his development ideas and tool driven incentives
  2. I love the fact that I want to cunt punt you for bringing up an old topic
  3. Check your inbox bro.

  4. Buy Redrope and or ShadyBastard membership to support NTG thru February I may add bonuses for purchases over 1 month Keep in mind ShadyBastard is for people with deeper pockets, SB membership includes Grey area and RR area.. Payments in Paypal and Bitcoin Upgrade from RR to SB or extend your services All members considered Message me for all info
  5. flamepainter
  6. Today only Redrope Upgrades and Updates over 1 ONE month will qualify for free RR bonus If there are a decent amount of people who upgrade, 2 will be selected to have their RR transferred to Shady This is open to ALL members You will need to PM monk, I will be the end decider on who gets the bonuses and Shady
  7. banned

    I have banned him due to all his posts being spam related http://prntscr.com/duj4yk I will also be pruning all his posts to show nill
  8. banned

    I took the liberty of banning this jack ass after I spent a lot of time trying to rescue his account for him to inly come to the shoutbox and start talking shit
  9. There is nothing that gives NTG staff more joy than giving away random perks to members, sometimes members go beyond their ways to amaze us and not keep saying "Look at my contribution" or do things to gain favors, these are valuable members to us. In recognition of this, the staff has gathered up unanimous votes to get @abrooke139 this recognition for the month of January 2017. He will be thanked with 1 month of SB membership. From the Staff of nTG, Thank you for the work you put in.
  10. Hi All We are allowing 10 RR and 10 SB members for January There are a lot of expired 1 month RR members, re-apply If you get more than a month, I may add bonus RR or SB MOST OF YOU DONT KNOW THAT SHADY BASTARDS INCLUDES REDROPE ACCESS RedRope Structured prices found here https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/store/category/1-redrope/ Shady prices ..message me ALL MEMBERS CONSIDERED FOR APPLICATION, INCLUDING MEMBERS0, BUSTED LEECHERS ETC REDROPE CAN FILE EXTENSIONS OR ADD SHADY BASTARDS MEMBERSHIP Paypal or Bitcoin ONLY We only want a limited few to just pay off Feb's service fees. THERE IS NO MORE LIFETIME AVAILABLE
  11. Hello, I am interested in being a VIP contributing $ 40.00 for 6 months through paypal, what should I do ??

    1. monk


      check your pm in an hour or less, i should be home

    2. vandroycaba


      Ok thanks!!!

  12. Only allowing 10 total 5 RR 5 SB Apply here and Pm for payment info I will consider throwing in a bonus, if i feel like it UMM if you buy a month, don't even bother asking if you qualify for a bonus, will simplify it for you...NO Note: Only Reply Those Who Want To Apply , If Anyone Reply Here Just To Say "Thanks" or "Understand" Then This Will Be His Last Reply On NTG
  13. Fuck you learn to post in the right section moved to intro
  14. HI