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  1. https://ulozto.net/login Proxy : No Combo : Normal combo Capture : Yes ( Credit ). Bots : 5 normally ( you can try with more ) Proff : Config :
  2. cracking help

    Site use recaptcha now.
  3. Help with combo

    Use Wordlistupdater tool ... Set Email ==> Convert user@email:pass to user:pass ..And start.All this.
  4. Silent Ban Sites

    You can try to login any site after a lot of scanning.If site still give same error ,then no ideaa!!!
  5. Men.com (help with this config)

    Bro config must be for portal.Like as mofos..Because working accs go to redirect page. And i said.Use normal proxies, not socks.
  6. sentry mba Mydirtyhobby.com

    Config needs fixing, can you sort it @abrooke139? /Bonez https://www.mydirtyhobby.com/ Proxy : Yes Combo : Normal combo Capture : Yes ( Dirty Cents ) Bots : 30 ( You can try with more bots ...) Info : Site is giving recaptcha immediatelly and eating proxies very fast.So you need much and very HQ proxies. Proff : Config :
  7. Sentry mba API

    Try "http debugger pro" also.Maybe it works
  8. uploadgig.com Forbidden (403 code) -> User IP banned

    SourceSuccess={"state":"1" SourceBan={"state":"3";>Attention Required! #7C Cloudflare< SourceFail=>Email or password was incorrect!<;{"state":"0" These are keys.But I did not tryed keys for capture.Because have a redirecting url while success login. Also similar with spotify cfg, but spotify cant find anything with this tactic.
  9. user;email;pass to email:pass

    Why you need delete "user"? If you use sentry you can paypass "user" and you can use email-pass only, if combo is regular. And you can replace ';' to ':' with notepad basicly.
  10. mature.nl ocr help

    Dont waste your time.Did you read that my writed before.You can not make a ocr for this.
  11. mature.nl ocr help

    I said problem,even if it works can not login to site. must be a space between two words on ocr value..Site says this.
  12. mature.nl ocr help

    Problem is value i think.must be a space between two words on ocr.Must not be contiguous... Maybe possible with veriable.I did not tryed.This is work of veriable masters!!!
  13. test me Sheenashaw.com please correct this config

    Look pm bro for this site's account...
  14. test me Sheenashaw.com please correct this config

    These are very unneed things.Why intermedia action?.I completed cfg.You can see on my before post.Also I looked this for request only.Show me your veriable about action url only.!!! If you know sentry and veriable more stop the show and share somethings to here.Contribute to forum.
  15. test me Sheenashaw.com please correct this config

    Very good job bro .seems I m very unlucky with 50000+ combos