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  1. Congrats @Galactus bro.You are a very good cracker..
  2. Thanks Khan bro.I ll try.I never used it.What s differencly than sentry.Example about ssl error.!!! Edit.Do you know.What is these red lines bro!!!My system windows 8.1 pro
  3. test me

    Importent is pless cfg.Or normal proxy cfg is basic.I can make all this type cfgs...I said...I can not wait with proxies for very very less acc.I scanned 50000 combo within 1 hour, but I could not find danidaniels and sheenashaw acc.Waste time for you.Only I found tahliaparis,kyliecupcake and some others without proxies.
  4. test me

    Yes pless.CaptchaID is bypassing captcha.I maked cfg with veriable for data..But action url is a problem for veriable. Example; action url this type; http://danidaniels.com/sapi/BUn3iNDCOfGwzbGscwBMJw/1485036993/site .authorizer.auth But login page source this type; .............."aet":1485036993,"ah":"wJMBwcsGbzwGfOCDNi3nUB"................... Namely value is opposite for parsing code on veriable.) So I am changing action url manually when I banned ( example after 5000 trying.Sometime no ban). And I cant share it.I m working on action url yet. Plee very very fast bro.If you make action url veriable ,then you can share with me.
  5. test me

    You must change post action url also.And no need to proxies for scanning.You can change manually these and you can continue with proxyless until you banned( average 2000-5000 trying) .After change post data, action url,your ip and continue again.I scanned 30000 combos for danidaniels , but no any hit.But I could find a hit for kyliecupcake.com with same tactic...
  6. http://members2.mofosnetwork.com/
  7. http://members2.mofosnetwork.com/
  8. test me

    This is not a veriable.If it were so, site could not be crackable.Only acc very very less on all this type sites. Config not hard but acc hard !!! Example I could not find danidaniels.com acc yet with 25000 trying ?! Also "Sign in failed...." not correct failure key. and Action=http://www.sheenashaw.com/login not correct too...
  9. http://members.TeamSkeet.com
  10. http://members.PunishTeens.com
  11. https://www.netflix.com/Login
  12. http://members.teamskeet.com/
  13. You really honored me. Thanks admins and thanks to everyone. Ntg family is my family.I am happy to be here...
  14. http://new.members.realitykings.com/access/login/
  15. https://hookuphotshot.com/login