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  1. For requests ! http://www.pure-ts.com/members/
  2. http://ambersdungeon.com/members
  3. http://fuckinhd.com/user/login
  4. http://www.officialcharliec.com/members
  5. http://members.pussyfury.com
  6. Try "http debugger pro" also.Maybe it works
  7. https://accounts.spotify.com
  8. http://members2.mofosnetwork.com/access/login/
  9. http://members.teamskeet.com
  10. SourceSuccess={"state":"1" SourceBan={"state":"3";>Attention Required! #7C Cloudflare< SourceFail=>Email or password was incorrect!<;{"state":"0" These are keys.But I did not tryed keys for capture.Because have a redirecting url while success login. Also similar with spotify cfg, but spotify cant find anything with this tactic.
  11. http://www.realgirlsgonebad.com/www/account/login.aspx
  12. Why you need delete "user"? If you use sentry you can paypass "user" and you can use email-pass only, if combo is regular. And you can replace ';' to ':' with notepad basicly.
  13. Dont waste your time.Did you read that my writed before.You can not make a ocr for this.
  14. I said problem,even if it works can not login to site. must be a space between two words on ocr value..Site says this.
  15. Problem is value i think.must be a space between two words on ocr.Must not be contiguous... Maybe possible with veriable.I did not tryed.This is work of veriable masters!!!