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  1. I'll get back to you on this one, Custom Activity Streams' dropdowns are fucked so I can't make one for you
  2. is the rest of it fine for his needs? i just felt bad because no one was helping him lol
  3. Alright, since no one is answering this I'll take it upon myself to try to explain it. (I'm no config master) You want to capture this data. (and maybe the monthly data, but lets keep it simple.) View the source (In FireFox): Now copy all the capture HTML source you need: Now you can paste that in the "HTML Source" field in the "Keywords Capture Stage" Wizard: Then you can test it all to make sure you got everything right: Then you are all done! Once you test, you can do the same highlight + Shift process for the other capture field and you will be ready to get capture. Hope this helped in some way. All these other guys weren't helping out so I needed to step in to give you basic help. If this didn't work, I'll get someone who understands configs to help you. Good luck!
  4. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Difference+between+http+and+https+website+adresses%3F
  5. server creating program? sudo apt-get install apache2 lol
  6. wolfachraf has been indefinitely banned. After being banned for 2 weeks after using multiple accounts, he made another account and came back to complain. If you can't learn your lesson once, you won't learn your lesson any of the other chances you get. @wolfachraf @snoop
  7. official

    you ass hole what if i have epilepsy and your little flashing image just made me seizure
  8. that actually looks pretty fucking good
  9. Solux is PERMANENTLY banned from NTG. This time, he won't be back. List of shit he did in the past 2 days: Call out numerous members and staff in ShoutBox Sent a config from NTG to another member through PM (A member whose account was brand new) Made multiple accounts AGAIN and prop boosted himself/spammed on one of them (and I have no doubt he will make more accounts, dude thinks he is an epic hacker because he can change his vpn server) Bumped his own contribution for some reason, who knows why Multiple accounts ALONE is reason enough for a permanent ban, and he didn't do it just once, but twice. Dude was perma banned before for leeching and carding and we let him back in just to do this shit.
  10. banned

    Spamming like an r tard
  11. suspended

    Suspended for 2 days for taking too many configs and not following administrator instruction in warnings
  12. demoted

    After his multiple account shit, we decided to PERMANENTLY demote wolfachraf from Power User -> Members0 for little to no contribution. 11 threads posted in total since January 2016 and 2 of them hidden.
  13. suspended

    Suspended for 2 days for spamming same reply and not following account guidelines
  14. All banned for multiple accounts.
  15. suspended

    Suspended for a day for not reading like an r tard