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  1. i do this thing @monk loves where i let the soap cascade down on my man boobs and push them together to cover myself in soap then i grab my dick and spit down on it and wink at him, you guys should try that sometimes if you wanna turn him on
  2. Due to lack of interest in contribution, I have taken the initiative to implement a new system: The Uninspired, Inspired and Disappointing. This is how it works: Members can no longer use ShoutBox by default, nor can they access the requests section of the forum. In order to access Shoutbox, you will need to show that you can contribute content (that is NOT STOLEN, YOU HAVE CRACKED YOURSELF) and we will promote you to Inspired, either by your request through a PM or automatically. If all you do is reply to topics and take, never contribute, you will be moved to Uninspired. As Uninspired, you may no longer reply to account drops and MUST contribute in order to be moved back to Member and eventually to Inspired. Power Users may no longer post new threads in the Free Accounts section. You guys may still read/reply to topics already there, but we are disabling new posts in the Free section to help boost our premium section. Following suit with the normal Free Accounts section, I am implementing "Disappointing" to the Power User section, which should effectively replace the Members0 initiative. You will be moved to the Disappointing group if you do not contribute and just continue to take. You are restricted alike Uninspired: You may not reply to topics in the Free AND Premium areas, you will lose access to requests and will have to contribute NEW (not stolen, you have cracked yourself) accounts to be set back up into Power User. I am also implementing a "Three strikes, you're out" system to the Power User/Disappointing system. If you get the disappointing status 3 times, you will be removed from Power User all together and placed down into the Member group with all the applicable restrictions. You will have to work your way back up from Member into Power User. Entering Power User now requires an APPLICATION. We will look at your contribution level and your post amount and move you to Power User. TL;DR - Members no longer have access to ShoutBox or Requests, but Members can get access to the Shoutbox by earning the Inspired group. - If Members do not contribute, they will be moved to Uninspired where they cannot reply to account drops and must contribute. - If Members do contribute, they will be moved to Inspired where they can access Shoutbox. - If an Inspired member continues to contribute, they can submit an application for Power User. - If a Power User does not contribute, they will be moved to Disappointing where they cannot reply to account drops and must contribute. - If a Power User gets demoted to Disappointing 3 times, they are moved down to Member where they will re-earn their title. We have all the resources here for you to contribute and/or learn to contribute. I will update with links or further information if needed in the future.
  3. I've begun work on a new theme for NTG called "FuTOM Dark". This is basically a beta version of NTG to see what people do and don't like about suggested changes. I'd encourage everyone to check it out as I change more things by going down to "Theme" at the bottom of the page and switching to "FuTOM Dark". Feedback on new things you want to see or existing changes are appreciated. I will keep a running changelog by editing this post when I make changes. 3/10/2017
  4. @Bonez for now should work perfectly fine, though I'll look into a more dynamic solution tomorrow
  5. what browser are you using? firefox it works perfect for me
  6. this is a discussion best discussed in sherlock or mod area instead of a public forum
  7. It was just a small issue. Nothing to be worried about.
  8. @oTMikey https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/forum/244-cracking/
  9. I'll get back to you on this one, Custom Activity Streams' dropdowns are fucked so I can't make one for you
  10. is the rest of it fine for his needs? i just felt bad because no one was helping him lol
  11. Alright, since no one is answering this I'll take it upon myself to try to explain it. (I'm no config master) You want to capture this data. (and maybe the monthly data, but lets keep it simple.) View the source (In FireFox): Now copy all the capture HTML source you need: Now you can paste that in the "HTML Source" field in the "Keywords Capture Stage" Wizard: Then you can test it all to make sure you got everything right: Then you are all done! Once you test, you can do the same highlight + Shift process for the other capture field and you will be ready to get capture. Hope this helped in some way. All these other guys weren't helping out so I needed to step in to give you basic help. If this didn't work, I'll get someone who understands configs to help you. Good luck!
  12. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Difference+between+http+and+https+website+adresses%3F
  13. server creating program? sudo apt-get install apache2 lol
  14. that actually looks pretty fucking good