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  1. UPDATE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO LIKE TO SEE HIDDEN CONTENT IN THE FREE ACCOUNTS SECTION. YOU ONLY NEED TO REPLY. The "Hide Content" plugin now requires you to reply and like a post. Temporarily this will also require you to refresh your browser after commenting and liking. Try it now by replying to this topic and liking it in the bottom right: Now, after replying and liking, refresh the page. [Hidden Content]
  2. important

    Today we updated to a brand new theme on NTG. I will be working on changing this theme to add our own style to it. It is now the default theme for everyone, but you can go back to the old NTG Dark by clicking "Themes" at the bottom and choosing "NTG Dark" or "FuTOM Dark". Please, PLEASE comment below and add your suggestions, whether little or small, and I'll add them or fix them. Thank you very much, UncleToM P.S. All this is made possible by donations to NTG. Please consider donating via PayPal for RedRope or Shady Bastards, NTG's "VIP" sections. I WILL DELETE ALL OF YOUR MESSAGES HERE IN MASS AT RANDOM AND ARCHIVE THE SUGGESTIONS BELOW, NEED TO BE CLEAN WITH THIS. PLEASE SAVE ALL OF YOUR COMPLIMENTS OF THE THEME AND KEEP THIS THREAD FOR SUGGESTIONS ACCEPTED SUGGESTIONS: MAYBE:
  3. important

    you have to like the individual people who posted the content in the toss. the people who contributed and who have hidden content not the person who created the toss. then it will work.
  4. testing
  5. By popular request, we have added 2 Factor Authentication. You can enable it by clicking here: This makes use of the Google Authenticator app. The instructions for setting up 2FA are on that page already. Get it setup for an extra layer of security. When logging in you will receive a page asking for your 2FA code that you can get from the Google Authenticator app on your phone. You can choose "Remember this computer for 30 days" to keep from having to enter it every time you sign in. You can disable it at any time too. P.S. If you lose your phone or something, we can disable 2FA on your account given you give us the proper information (we are very thorough on your account's security) EDIT: IF THE ICON ABOVE DOESNT APPEAR, CLICK YOUR NAME AND CLICK ACCOUNT SETTINGS THEN NAVIGATE TO THE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION TAB
  6. wolfa ruined this for everybody so it got turned off for everybody lol fixed
  7. http://www.bitsonline.com/ethereum-vitalik-death-hoax/ i fucking hate people @monk
  8. NEW EDIT: Contributors, Config Mastas and Shady Bastards have regained access to Free section. Due to lack of interest in contribution, I have taken the initiative to implement a new system: The Uninspired, Inspired and Disappointing. This is how it works: Members can no longer use ShoutBox by default, nor can they access the requests section of the forum. In order to access Shoutbox, you will need to show that you can contribute content (that is NOT STOLEN, YOU HAVE CRACKED YOURSELF) and we will promote you to Inspired, either by your request through a PM or automatically. If all you do is reply to topics and take, never contribute, you will be moved to Uninspired. As Uninspired, you may no longer reply to account drops and MUST contribute in order to be moved back to Member and eventually to Inspired. Power Users may no longer post new threads in the Free Accounts section. You guys may still read/reply to topics already there, but we are disabling new posts in the Free section to help boost our premium section. Following suit with the normal Free Accounts section, I am implementing "Disappointing" to the Power User section, which should effectively replace the Members0 initiative. You will be moved to the Disappointing group if you do not contribute and just continue to take. You are restricted alike Uninspired: You may not reply to topics in the Free AND Premium areas, you will lose access to requests and will have to contribute NEW (not stolen, you have cracked yourself) accounts to be set back up into Power User. I am also implementing a "Three strikes, you're out" system to the Power User/Disappointing system. If you get the disappointing status 3 times, you will be removed from Power User all together and placed down into the Member group with all the applicable restrictions. You will have to work your way back up from Member into Power User. Entering Power User now requires an APPLICATION. We will look at your contribution level and your post amount and move you to Power User. TL;DR - Members no longer have access to ShoutBox or Requests, but Members can get access to the Shoutbox by earning the Inspired group. - If Members do not contribute, they will be moved to Uninspired where they cannot reply to account drops and must contribute. - If Members do contribute, they will be moved to Inspired where they can access Shoutbox. - If an Inspired member continues to contribute, they can submit an application for Power User. - If a Power User does not contribute, they will be moved to Disappointing where they cannot reply to account drops and must contribute. - If a Power User gets demoted to Disappointing 3 times, they are moved down to Member where they will re-earn their title. We have all the resources here for you to contribute and/or learn to contribute. I will update with links or further information if needed in the future.
  9. We've seen that a lot of people are having trouble with reporting posts/accounts. This is to make it really clear on how to do so. Step 1. Open a thread (in our case, an account drop. Let's say I tried logging into this account and it was dead.) Step 2. Click "Report Post" Step 3. Enter a little message. Something like "Dead Accounts" or paste in the error message you got from the site. Step 4. Click "Submit Report" and you're done! A lot of users ask what the point of reporting is. Not only is it beneficial to the staff as you are helping us clean the site, but you also get to go grab other accounts that are still alive and not have the dead accounts you replied to count against your daily total.
  10. i no change but now fix
  11. that's my title and only reserved for me
  12. what are you cheering for you bastard
  13. @JudasBreed nah it's mathematically impossible, 18 is not an even number therefore it does not have a middle. You need an odd number to have a middle and still be symmetrical on either side
  14. well im sure he has maybe 18 full length rods, but you gain more rods because the ones on the outer parabola are smaller so they can be a fraction of a rod
  15. no you don't adjust the distance between rods you keep the distance and use 19 rods, with one in the middle and 9 on either side, just like in my diagram. I have done the math and these are the measurements for each rod: 1: 0.15m 2: 0.49m 3: 0.78m 4: 1.04m 5: 1.26m 6: 1.43m 7: 1.57m 8: 1.67m 9: 1.73m 10: 1.75m - THIS IS THE MIDDLE ROD 11: 1.73m 12: 1.67m 13: 1.57m 14: 1.43m 15: 1.26m 16: 1.04m 17: 0.78m 18: 0.49m 19: 0.15m
  16. also, there can't be 18 rods with a rod in the middle. it needs to be 19 or 17
  17. @bernis I only did the right side to make sure this is what you want, you want the lengths of all of the rods on the left and right of the middle rod? for example, the blue one is the middle blue: 1.75 meters green: 1.73 meters yellow: 1.67 meters etc.
  18. i can help you with this, but i first need to know. are the rods intended to be shorter lengths on either side of the middle rod? so the top rod of the fence is literally supposed to arch down? so looking at the fence straight on it will look like this:
  19. everyone here pm me a retarded message and i'll do it @Bonez @CountAccount @Lol @Pique it won't let me @thebooby
  20. nigga you know i got college to pay for too... well with a crypto currency at 200 dollah now i dont see it dying off at all, only gonna go up from here... fuck me, ill go in for 1 ETH if this shit crashes ill sign my death note
  21. rip, shoulda bought 2 months ago. how much you say i invest into this, @monk
  22. will look into it, idk if the hidden content plugin has source code available for me to edit to be fitted like this but a good idea nonetheless -propz
  23. @Bonez on it thank you, will fix this later
  24. Will look into it.