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  1. Firefox Quantum

    Mozilla daily ask me for update i think now i should try new version of firefox
  2. official Regarding cyber_junkie

    @cyber_junkie Surprise? Welcome Back Bro

    thats not my voice and its biography of @CountAccount
  4. I think its time to create another sub-section in marketplace where members can exchange currencies i see lately many members want to change pp->btc and btc->pp , so if you think this is an good idea to open this subsection just cast your vote Thank You
  5. How did you find nethingoez.com

    seraching for i think udemy account on google
  6. popper rock

    Congrats @popper rock
  7. Forum Updated - Post Bugs Here

    no its not fixed yet @UncleToM
  8. Thank You @benreich i will try this
  9. Anyone know which is light weight software to blur selected section of video?
  10. important Staff Harassment

    lol "say it in my face not front of me"