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  6. HI putridity Welcome NTG https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/profile/49560-putridity/content/ https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/profile/54155-drgore/
  7. Welcome to NTG Putridity
  8. You do not even write thank you
  9. Hi Welcome to NethinGoez
  10. Hi!

    Welcome to NethinGoez
  11. Hello welcome to NTG
  12. Bienvenido a NTG. Saludos
  13. Hello welcome to NTG regards
  14. certainly PS4 by controls and good graphics
  15. Hello AmazUser bienbenido NTG regards
  16. Welcome NTG REGARDS
  17. Thanks for sharing
  18. ps4 games good graphicc
  19. for my spotify , excellent quality of music
  20. thanks for sharing , good job
  21. thanks excellent contribution
  22. hi all new here so , i need to learn a lot first .. thanks for sharing your knowledge regards
  23. netflix