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  1. Forum Updated - Post Bugs Here

    well this is odd:
  2. Forum Updated - Post Bugs Here

    "who read this" button is gone
  3. Add what browser using to your bugs So tom knows what the error is
  4. why u abuse with u power Bulma

    ok noted. Everyone should be respectful here, especially you @wolfachraf I know you a drama queen. Lay low.
  5. problem post section Premium Account Tosses

    Write as many details about the problems as possible @UncleToM will sort it
  6. problem post section Premium Account Tosses

    @-uMc- the problem persist. @uraniobeige I can't fuck with the back-end settings, is there any other RR member having the same problem?
  7. LetItBrute Config/Help Section?

    Will see what they think
  8. problem post section Premium Account Tosses

    @UncleToM needs to fix this. I cant fix it. Seems like your RR ended but your stuck in the group but it doesnt match the date you bought. @uraniobeige You will be compensated for the days you loose until this is fixed. You contacted me yesterday and I wrote to Tom.
  9. Ranks for ntg

    these are very nice. Could you pm me Design 1 and 3? I wanna try them in this theme
  10. all this nigga need to do is post one combo and he top 3 for 1 year lol BFF <3 btw: Remove the sneaky fucking russian from your list he's banned.
  11. jämnade ut hörnen lite, men den ser bra ut :)


    1. fbbo



      Blev riktigt snyggt :)


  12. Uhh, Hi, I guess

    We're doing fine. What youtube vid did you find NTG on, *curious*
  13. He obviously did not read my threads on OpSec
  14. Topic title lenght restriction is needed to stop ppl from messing up the layout, firefox can handle it but chrome cannot handle these titles "Pornsite plus this and that blablablabla bla bla bla + 100 other sites" A limit of 30 characters should suffice. @UncleToM