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  1. You have been pardoned. WB. Don't fuck up @wolfachraf

    1. wolfachraf


      don't eveer, listen tom he ban me for no reasion a ral piece of shit

  2. official

    Thank you! @RAINBOW
  3. official

    Who knows what future will lead to
  4. official

    oh snap.. I just casted my vote lol.. Thank you all who voted for me @cyber_junkie My vote stand til next voting thanks guys!
  5. @Frankhater Dude you're on a cracking site, we know about phishing lol. And this forum is meant for scamming that happend on NTG not for Cpt. Obvious "news". Cheers
  6. :straightface:@CountAccount

    Wolfa is not Nelson Mandela.


    1. Bonez


      btw I love your new rank :laughing:


  7. Nice avatar. I wonder who changed it?
  8. @Deni Where them nudes at!?
  9. If you're in need for REAL PRIVACY there is only one choice. https://cryptostorm.is/ They have OpenSource code made from perl, you can inspect all the code on github. Some thing to keep in mind (a ruleof thumb) is to NEVER EVER use a VPN that has a binary installer (*.exe) that means they root your computer. Always use OpenVPN. And they should also accept Bitcoins or you can be easily tracked down. And you should not have to Identify with e-mail address. I know Mr. @kaalki will come here and bitch about them soon
  10. Which password is the hardest to bruteforce? Tr0ub4dor&3 VS. correcthorsebatterystaple
  11. MS Paint Linux ImageMagick
  12. Your friend is right.
  13. nigga wtf are you even trying to say
  14. "The piano doesn't murder the player, if it doesn't like the music."