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  1. @Borax U need to re up the reg file
  2. @Solux So you're switching shit up making it bold Tellin Bonez to walk, now shit will unfold I do this shit here, in the third language i speak and I come out on top nigga this is the peak You cannot mess with my flow nor my clouds for that matter all that'll do is make your ass shatter into small little pieces, they will search for weeks but all they will find, is a sign, saying rest in peace! it's my last reply so I better get to business open them eyes up sit down and listen I got crazy flows that resemble Bizzy Bone from the group thugs n harmony If that white nigga came across my path he would be treated accordingly by the rules of the internet, there arent fuckin any ones so I'll not beat your ass up only slap you twice or maybe once hope u be feeling my rhythm just sit down kid, this is the big boy's room and fuckin with big boys will make you look like a goon, Brrrrrraaaaaa
  3. @Solux You was droppin some bars in an attempt to battle me last night tbh I fucked nasty hoes with fannys more tight Your flow is wack there's no real rhythm or feel I'ma give you a lesson son in how we keepin it real You be out on a chase, for that sticky icky real I got a fuckin box full that I use when I feel I'm a god damn pothead, high as a kite! But Im still gonna make you look wack allrite Oh wait you did that shit on your own No one in this bitch fuck with tha throne that throne belongs to me bad to the Bonez Sol got no weed, he should come to my home you've been called out @Solux
  4. Welcome to Boneyz Battle thread, get ready for war niqqas and wiggas. Rules Call someone out 12 - 16 bars of dishing out word whopping (don't get too personal) 2 replies per battle Winner is declared by amount of likes (or me since I'm 1337 hip-hop guru) Last rule - Write your own, don't copy shit from somewhere.
  5. no problem, it's what I do
  6. I have made 2fa reset on original account this one will be banned. Only one allowed. cool?
  7. U kno maan, marijuana's a harb. We fi dem have no qoore for asthma or glaucoma man. What gw'aan fi dem?
  8. Damn u sitting on a fuckin 38" monitor. Yes it was a dick joke. I feel shame now. Fuck you *running away crying*
  9. So I'm always intrigued by a persons desktop, because they say alot about a man. Hop on the train and show me your's Here is mine
  10. Hello bud. What's the name of your other account, you can only have one.
  11. Try not using privacy badger here: https://panopticlick.eff.org/ then try with it.
  12. Something like that @Solux?

    1. Solux


      Perfect. Thank you kindly good sir. =)

    2. Bonez


      You're most welcome Sir Solux. Few of my acquaintances have such good manners.

  13. You should have a nice DMT cover photo, hooked ya up @Solux :biggrin:


    1. Solux


      Thanks man, now I wish I had some DMT. So I can be blasted into another dimension. lol :bonez:

  14. This is not a legitimate question. In Germany, you need parliamentary knowledge and held lower offices to become chancellor. In US, any motherfucker with money can run for office obviously. You don't even have to be a senator. Merkel is a stupid hag, trump is a freakin joke. Conclusion: They both suck ass, but Merkel has experience in politics, for good and bad.