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  1. http://i.imgur.com/6oneniT.gif And the winner is: @judopudo1 check pm Thanks for participating!
  2. In retrospect I shouldhave added a rule for members w/ negativepropz lol but you are in.
  3. Pick a number between 1 - 15 and random.org will pick a lucky fapper. GL If not all slots are filled winner will be drawn on tuesday 20th June. 1. @khan 2. @AxioM 3. @Igor301 4. @luisfsl 5. @cyber_junkie 6. @Lol 7. @dhananjay 8. @judopudo1 9. @preguntonq 10. @soldsnake 11. @NOr3gr3ts 12. @Kmalion 13. @brayok 14. @noKraL 15. @Guzzie
  4. :hi2: :slap2: :wtf: @UncleToM Make it happen bruh!
  5. important

    another url could be a loophole. But we don't know. But with 2FA everyone trying to hack ntg users can fuck off. (If) there is a rat (remote adminisitration tool) in some post, that could also be it.
  6. SILENCE PEASANT, or I take your jamón away!
  7. Du gamla du fria
  8. Ir you remove the V in GIFV to GIF, it gives better view of pic:
  9. Also add "I like guys, in a sexual way"
  10. My skills are improving