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  1. My collection, updated version of dictionaries used for attacking hashes.
  2. Nice avatar. I wonder who changed it?
  3. @Deni Where them nudes at!?
  4. Sinse this Questions comes up ALOT I decided to make a video for you new "crackers", to get your asses started. I will do more video tutorials on how to make configs, getting proxies etc. Hope it is of use for someone. Video Tutorial: Configuration:
  5. Alternative to JTR, this is a fairly fast hash decrypter, especially if you got a strong cpu/gpu. I only use it with dictionary attacks, support for 180 different hashes. If you need a dictionary get it here:
  6. If you're in need for REAL PRIVACY there is only one choice. https://cryptostorm.is/ They have OpenSource code made from perl, you can inspect all the code on github. Some thing to keep in mind (a ruleof thumb) is to NEVER EVER use a VPN that has a binary installer (*.exe) that means they root your computer. Always use OpenVPN. And they should also accept Bitcoins or you can be easily tracked down. And you should not have to Identify with e-mail address. I know Mr. @kaalki will come here and bitch about them soon
  7. Which password is the hardest to bruteforce? Tr0ub4dor&3 VS. correcthorsebatterystaple
  8. MS Paint Linux ImageMagick
  9. Enjoy my niggaz! Keep in mind, to set this up the best way is to make a small partition f.e 1 - 5 GB and make the install on that partition, cause you will have to change the HDD serial in order for this to work, aight. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/c3fd154bb979dcff634692d7d73c67fe838ccbe98e338fefe10299c0e7abbb52/analysis/1462789201/ 2/56 It's all good in inglewood aight foo
  10. Create your own Dorks with this software. Then you can stop nagging me, pun intended. Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/92fc95ce91b73eb6a075aeabdcc297dc323202884fa25514b6bb56e088931ae6/analysis/1462812154/ 0/56 EnjoyZ
  11. Your friend is right.
  12. GJ keep kickin ass
  13. nigga wtf are you even trying to say
  14. Fun Facts: I found my private e-mail in here lol.. Extremely hard to crack & someone wanted to sell this DB for $1200 on Darknet...
  15. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2651f52b08fba719bc06c158a7d08df6296cc684b39285046d11088e43c0a6a7/analysis/
  16. "The piano doesn't murder the player, if it doesn't like the music."
  17. This might be over the top BUT, no one is blowing up trainshere, just sayin...
  18. Yea that's exactley what is going on in Sweden, s p o t off. Hey remember when Brazil got beaten in football with 7 - 1 by GERMANY
  19. Learn how to programme C, Citrix, Csharp, GO, Java Android, JavaScript, Jquery, Linux, PHP, Ruby, PYthon and ALOT more for FREE! Comment to reveal hidden content.
  20. read the rules FOR FUCK SAKE!
  21. @Sudo Linux guy? Anyway welcome, read the rules, follow the rules and enjoy your stay.
  22. https://news.bitcoin.com/irs-attack-dog-target-us-bitcoiners/ Oh and it is just not Murica'who's getting fucked- "Non-compliant institutions are frozen out of U.S. markets, so there is little choice but to comply. FATCA cuts off companies from access to critical U.S. financial markets if they fail to pass along American data. More than 100 nations have agreed to the law. Countries must agree to the law or face dire repercussions." Signed and sealed The Treasury has announced completed FATCA agreements to automatically swap tax data with 30 countries: Australia Belgium Bermuda Canada Cayman Islands Chile Costa Rica Denmark Finland France Germany Gibraltar Guernsey Hungary Ireland Isle of Man Italy Jamaica Japan Jersey Malta Mauritius Mexico Netherlands Norway Slovenia South Africa Spain Switzerland United Kingdom Agreed in principle Another 25 countries have agreed FATCA treaties with the US in principle and are considered FATCA compliant even though the agreements are awaiting final signature: Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Brazil lol @Erik British Virgin Islands Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Estonia Hong Kong India Israel Kosovo Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania New Zealand Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Singapore Slovak Republic South Korea Under negotiation Negotiations to put a FATCAQ treaty in place are under way with a further 17 countries: Argentina Bahrain Barbados Curacao Ghana Gibraltar Honduras Lebanon Luxembourg Malaysia Russia Seychelles St Maarten Taiwan Thailand Trinidad and Tobago United Arab Emirates
  23. I recomend using PasswordsPro and good wordlist and do a basic dictionary attack. If the hashes are MD5 you will dehash tens of thousands in a matter of minutes. It is for windows. If you're on Linux there are better tools like Johnny, ophcrack, cew, crunch, hashcat etc.
  24. how does the format look? is it user:hash in a txt file? @Crackr