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  1. Hello NTG I've assembled a few DB's that might be of interest: Archive password: Bonez@NTG Enjoy!
  2. NTG is looking for a php developer w/ forum dev experience. Do you have the skills? Do you want to help NTG? Send me a PM. /Admin @Bonez
  3. Will give you hit everywhere besides porn. Enjoy.
  4. Sinse this Questions comes up ALOT I decided to make a video for you new "crackers", to get your asses started. I will do more video tutorials on how to make configs, getting proxies etc. Hope it is of use for someone. Video Tutorial: Configuration:
  5. Bonez

    Impregnated Milf

    Part 1: Part 2:
  6. Bonez

    Leave me the fuck alone.

    I'm fairly (100%) sure that is not the meaning of the name. No you will follow: The Rules Get those stats up to 100. And no staff ever approach you. Its you approaching them.
  7. Bonez

    Leave me the fuck alone.

    Well why don't you remind us of those moments? And why you gotta let your steam out HERE? Keep your shit together, follow the rules. Just like everyone else. And I know that you helped NTG financially which is a very fine thing to do. But no one here wants to fight with you or get provoked etc. Can't we just get along?
  8. Bonez

    HQ EmailPass 50k

  9. Bonez

    official Happy Birthday JULIAN

    Happy B-day J-man
  10. Bonez

    The chat disappeared

    I stand corrected:
  11. Bonez

    The chat disappeared

    @bernisThe chat is not visible while viewing a topic, only from index. you could run it in a second tab
  12. Learn how to programme C, Citrix, Csharp, GO, Java Android, JavaScript, Jquery, Linux, PHP, Ruby, PYthon and ALOT more for FREE! Vid tut's are from Lynda.c0m & Ud3my Enjoy! Study hard!
  13. Bonez

    Lets Give Condolences

    Deseo expresarle a Nazgul mi más sentido pésame por la pérdida de su amada Mamá, deseo decirles que no están solos, nuestro amoroso Dios los consolará con palabrea de esperanza para nuestros amados que se han dormido en la muerte. They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies.
  14. Action= @NTG Advisor you might have twisted hellcams for NTG @kuldeepc44 +propz
  15. Bonez

    NetGhost 1.4 By Arcanecfg
  16. Formatted to the rules of WEP/WPA 8 - 63 charachters no dupes on 11 GIGABYTES foo.
  17. My collection, updated version of dictionaries used for attacking hashes. For only WEP/WPA dictionary go here: Every word is within WPA rules 8 - 63 signs, no dupes.
  18. Bonez

    important "thanks message"

    Should be a force read on this topic @cyber_junkie
  19. Bonez

    official NTG Seeking Gay Content

    5 banned spammers. Read or leave the topic. Ban hammer is hungry.
  20. Bonez


    Welcome to The post count to upgrade is not what is important. What is important on NTG is taking AND giving. When you reach a post count of 250 topics/posts and have received 100 Up propz you become a PowerUser and get access to premium accounts and configs. We also have a VIP section that is called RedRope. Members of RedRope are paying members and they get access to high quality content of all kinds. Enjoy your stay here. You can learn cracking also if you wish. First up vote for you is on the house
  21. Bonez

    LetsBruteit Configs

    RedRope isn't expensive, plus you help out the site and get access to all of these types of configs. This is just a screenshot from the config section. And we also have the Shady Area w/ the really unique stuff.