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  1. official Regarding cyber_junkie

    @cyber_junkie congrats

    Where is pastebin ?
  3. Greetings!

    Hello Vic, glad to see you here. Enjoy :))
  4. Bitcoin?

    you can check coinmarketcap site
  5. Uhh, Hi, I guess

    welcome to forum bro
  6. s.a ustam nasılsın 

  7. This shit will make us like another shitty forums. We have a difference..
  8. bitcoin

    Bitcoin is more stable or Litecoin.
  9. What country are you from?

    I like Rihanna
  10. thanks @monk please share tips about coins
  11. Asus or Acer

    I used acer 3 year but it has some problems.. Warming problems, fan problems etc sometimes closes by itself.. Here it is: https://www.notebookcheck.net/fileadmin/_migrated/pics/acer_aspire_5739G_gesamt4_02.jpg Now i'm using asus for 2 years.. I don't have any problem with my pc. No warming or other problems Here it is:
  12. Asus or Acer

    acer has good perf/price but asus HQ
  13. sentry mba proxyless ZENMATE.COM (API & FULL CAPTURE)

    I just want to check premium time with this config, thanks a lot @mohin