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  1. I from my mamas vagina :)...... Na jk im from the usa
  2. ok everyone so here it is ive started a youtube channel and i need 100 subscribers and i really need the help please check it out its for my gaming that i do...its live commentary and videos but i need the custom url for my streams and the only way i can get that is to have matched the youtube criteria https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcawelZX8c_V9KUTGDkltHA please like and subscribe for me please
  3. ok buddy now once your an active member for i believe it is 24 hours than you should be able to post with no problem the knowledge you have feel free to share and the learning you crave we are here to help just mind the mods and the ntg family and you should be good my friend
  4. Welcome to Nethingoez besure to read the rules my friend https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/topic/13814-updated-nethingoezcom-code-of-ethics-for-all-members-v20/
  5. sentry mba

    this site has been around for many many years im surprised its still avaliable good config bro ill give it a try here in a little bit before i head to work +rep
  6. never messed with this kinda stuff but im going to try it
  7. thank you ive needed this
  8. maybe you could try changeing your hosts file and pointing it at the ip on your machines that might work and its worth a shot thats about the best advice i have for you bro
  9. yea but ya see about that bro im a pu i dont have that many propz and im about 100 post count that would cause a problem
  10. yea but ya see about that bro im a pu i dont have that many propz and im about 100 post count that would cause a problem
  11. i can honestly say this if they would fix the bs that i am having problems with right now than i wouldnt mind it but since ive installed windows 10 on my pc my mousepad doesnt work after i close my laptop and cortana doesnt work i think she is possesed lmfao im really considering downgradeing back to windows 7
  12. microsoft all the way apples gay
  13. looks like a nice program bro
  14. sentry mba

    yea bro just let me know if i need to fix anything and ill get her done gotta remember though this is only my second config ive ever done lol
  15. thanks my friemd