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  1. Thanks for the share beo
  2. Dude your awesome thank you
  3. i cant seem to find the working tutorial for me ugh thanks ill try this
  4. is this still working method?
  5. thank you for the tutorial
  6. i hope this helps my retarded ass thanks alot my man
  7. thanks alot bro this is going to be helpful
  8. sentry mba

    thanks alot i was just looking for a account lol now i can hope get some
  9. sentry mba

    lmfao thats great bro haha was gonna make a pof config but never got around to it awsomeness lmao
  10. sentry mba

    ill give it a go let u know
  11. im not sure if this going to work on this windows rt windows surface I got so im going to give this a ago
  12. gonna check this out see what im doing here
  13. lets see how this works thanks bro
  14. ok boner i know nothing about dorks someone was talking to me and i thought they was calling me a dork so im going to download this and try it see what it does how it works etc so thanks for the share bro