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    Thanks for the share and your efforts
  2. what the fuck

    ok so yesterday i went to the casino and left my laptop up as usual never had no problems well when i got home this morning i came home to my pc saying no operating system so i asked my kids before they went to school what happened none would answer me threatened to take things away well my 7 year old told me he was playing on it and things was popping up and then it turned off and he left it like it was so now im pissed after spending about 4 hours trying to find someone to let me use their software discs and now im fucking stuck on windows 10 until i can find a iso of windows 7 does anyone have any ideas what a good site is to download the windows 7 iso i cant do this windows 10 bullshit
  3. little help please

    ok so im wanting to get custom theme and icons like we used to be able to do on windows xp well im on windows 7 can anyone point me in the right direction for some windows 7 themes im looking to completely change my desktop on my lappy id create one if theres a tutorial out there
  4. PornBB.com

    these are some porn bb reg accounts and there is some supporter accounts in here this is my first porn crack so be nice
  5. does this still work
  6. sentry mba proxyless Pandora One Premium

    thanks alot bro ive been needing this
  7. gonna give this a go thanks
  8. sentry mba Netflix.com (API)

    now i can still be cheap and not pay for netflix bahahahahha thanks bro
  9. sentry mba Gamestop

    thanks alot had one of these but idk what happened to it lmaio
  10. thanks alot bro im going to give this a try see what i can do
  11. Earn Free BTC Daily [Auto Pilot]

    lets see what ya got maybe i can do it lol
  12. Droppins Gamefly Toss (huge)

    ok guys so heres a big toss these have not been checked or nothing as i never check my tosses keep what ya find just show me some love and ill be doing some more tosses and configs for you guys be sure to hit the green button and show some love
  13. ProxyFire Master Suite (V 1.25)

    my leecher/checker isnt working for some reason thanks bro
  14. Proxy Shark Paid HQ Proxy Tool [Cracked]

    thanks borax i needed this couldnt find it
  15. well bro lets see what ya got im up to learn some new stuff thanks my man