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  1. Config [Help] - ExpressVPN

    You should probably start with something more simple. If you're trying to add a function while parsing a token, you obviously are winging it lol You need to use the Intermediate action stage to call the source page where the token is and parse it, then that is added to post data. For cookie just add the received cookie you got from HTTPFox.
  2. Seems to good to be true, and most likely is. I'm curious to see if anyone gets a withdraw. And what's their incentive? Definitely would be worth looking into if they payout. Look forward to seeing your progress. Hope you keep us updated. Minimum withdraw is $170?
  3. LetItBrute Config/Help Section?

    Yeah I started using it recently, and I really enjoy it. Was getting bored with Sentry. Decided to try something new. If this section is implemented, I'd be happy to provide some tutorials on the subject.
  4. Combo: Email/Pass Proxy: SSL Bots: 100 Captures: Subscription Additional Info: Has SSL handshake issues, slow to crack. Capture should be okay, but need an account with sub to make sure it's correct.
  5. Awesome man, good work.
  6. Like this, and then you would assign the variable where it needs to go, like Post Data, Header, etc.
  7. important Sample RedRope or ShadyBastards

    Yeah I seen a thread awhile back, I think it had screenshots of RR and Shady sections. But they were really outdated.
  8. important Sample RedRope or ShadyBastards

    Good idea, this will allow users to see the content that is in higher sections and what they would have available to them after purchase. Maybe it will give them a little incentive to pull the trigger and purchase one or the other.
  9. Config problems..

    I fixed it up for you. Instead of using the Login Page stage, I just used the Intermediate stage to call the login URL where the request token is. and parsed it to PostData. And just changed some Fake Settings etc. Good luck.
  10. Greetings. :wave:

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    2. Bonez


      Of course. Unless someone object? @BulmaDB
      I think we should give him rank back immediately since he left because of harassment and now you established the plan.

    3. Bonez


      Empty your damn PM's ffs.

      I will reinstate you since no objection has been posted, and you've been cleared by Nazgul.

      Since I cannot write PM to you I'll say here, we need help w/ fixing broken ini's.


    4. Punisher75


      welcome back my friend good to see you back

  11. BonezCypher - Keystyle Rap Battles

    @Bonez You said winner is declared by rep, to my count it's 5-4, once more I showed you the door. Nice try OG, but I'm the winner you see. I'm new to this rhyme game, you been doing it for years, but I'm your equal, and your peer. So show some respect and take the loss, you can refer to me as the boss. I know the loss will bruise your ego, but don't be sad amigo. Go and smoke a bowl and forget your sorrow, there will always be tomorrow.
  12. need help cracking porn accounts please

    You can become power user or higher without cracking just porn. Honestly there's enough porn on this forum already. We need more unique accounts and shit here. Not everyone who visits this forum wants porn, people want Streaming accounts, VPN's, Filehosting, Gaming etc. When I first started I was looking to get my hands on a free Netflix account. Look at me now. Dope in the config making game. =P But if you insist, you need to watch/read as much as you can. And Practice I can't stress enough. You'll only get better with practice. And nobody is going to spoon feed you, or hold your hand. Step by step is asking to much. A lot of us learned on our own. You should do the same. Good luck on your cracking journey.