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  1. These accounts are dead and no longer working. Someone on this thread changed passwords.
  2. I ain't got no weed that is true, but I got some BTC coming through. I'm gonna purchase some sticky & smoke all day, blowing clouds is the only way. You think your game is tight, keyboard warrior for sure, but I'm about to show you the door. Walk on through with your head held high, don't be mad because your raps are dry. This here is a walk in the park, you'll run scared and disembark. My flows from the dome, should be written in a tome, and saved like artifacts from ancient Rome. lol
  3. Can you share NFL config for us, sir?

  4. This asshole changed password. Negative rep for being a douche.
  5. I see you got a new avatar picture. You be smoking on dat Gonja mon?
  6. Is your thread title a dick joke? lol All my cracking related shit is on a flash drive.
  7. Something like that @Solux?

    1. Solux


      Perfect. Thank you kindly good sir. =)

    2. Bonez


      You're most welcome Sir Solux. Few of my acquaintances have such good manners.

  8. You should have a nice DMT cover photo, hooked ya up @Solux :biggrin:


    1. Solux


      Thanks man, now I wish I had some DMT. So I can be blasted into another dimension. lol :bonez:

  9. I'm not sure to be honest, maybe it's Tito? Just changed his name.
  10. That's an easy one, poor quality control.
  11. There accounts are useless, you can not redeem anything with these accounts. Rewards are sent to email, and you can't change email. Just FYI, so people aren't wasting time.
  12. In my opinion this is not needed. We already have staff appreciation, where quite a few members get RR for a month. If someone is contributing, and gets noticed, they will most likely get picked for one month of RR. And you said for members who've been here a year or more, in that case, they should apply for Trial or Contributor, or Config Masta and gain higher access to the forum.
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