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  1. @Galactus Ok no problem and thanks for the help and @FuTOM Thanks too dude
  2. It's very nice of you ( @FuTOM +2 & @Galactus +2) to have taken the time. Thank you again. I managed to progress a little on my side if it helps you: HTTP Debbuger ; The Config I do not know if I did anything, but it does not look like yours config @Galactus If you can share it to see the difference I would be happy
  3. Thanks for the share dude I need this
  4. It's an old post but anyway thanks dude for the share, hope the link are actually not broken x)
  5. Thanks for the share dude I'll try this for sure. /
  6. Someone found something?
  7. No one have the solution for my problem?
  8. Wow this prog look great let me try, and thanks for the share dude.
  9. Nice, thanks for your awnser i'll pm you. And i'll edit if I found something
  10. Hello, since a few weeks I try to make a configuration with capture of the money available, with proxy and the fastest possible. First I made a configuration that starts with the normal URL (SiteURL=https://login.adf.ly/login Action=https://login.adf.ly/login) and it works but the problem is that it needs HQ proxies and with each incorrect combo the proxy used is out for a few minutes because after a fail it need a captcha so It becomes even more limited. After I decided to start making a new configuration but this time via the site API (SiteURL=http://api.adf.ly/ Action=http://api.adf.ly/v1/auth) after some search of document (Adf.lyDoc.pdf) it worked very well I checked more than 8,000 account/min when the bad proxies are ban and without capture for sure. Then I tried to add the capture and this is where I am lost. Well my question is, how to add the capture in the API config? HTTP Debugger result: Normal URL | login.adf.ly.ini | SiteURL=https://login.adf.ly/login Action=https://login.adf.ly/login API URL | api.adf.ly.ini | SiteURL=http://api.adf.ly/ Action=http://api.adf.ly/v1/auth Adf.ly API Documentation Valid account Adf.ly Thanks to those who will help me, I hope to find help! And sorry if my English are not very good guys.
  11. sentry mba

    Nice thanks for the share hope it's actually work's.
  12. Thank you! EDIT: Nice tuto.
  13. Thanks for this dude. .jar it's not for me lel.
  14. Thanks a lot I'll try this bro.
  15. Thanks for the share I hope it's actually work