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  1. What if config is dead?? Calm down man, config is not individuals property. anyone who possses the knowledge can create config. you cant own digital right on configs. you are acting like DMCA guy lol. and there is nothing wrong if someone use your config to learn something. PEACE.
  2. read & understood
  3. By the way, I wanted to say thank you for the config to the Legalporno. Works without criticism. Yesterday I tried, I found 5 accounts for the night. The only thing is a pity that the monetary balance is not visible. But this is a trifle.

    1. daftpunk


      Capture can be added easily.

      I will update config later.

      Real thing is I'm not interested in that site.. logged in just once...have no idea what to capture.

    2. Illusive-Man


      I myself am not a fan of Legalporno. Just asked me an account to this site, and then your config.
      And in general for me to find a good working setting is much more important than dozens of passwords.
      Therefore, many thanks)

  4. Yes, I want a basic config please, I do not have any active account.

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    Welcome friend.
  6. Welcome aboard.
  7. welcome my friend......
  8. hi to everyone.....i am new here