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  1. thanks buddy.
  2. , you two are so dam funny!! LMFO~~
  3. For real? Does it really work as it advertises?
  4. why ppl don't use poll for this kinda topic, never got that~
  5. vertex

    guess I am the only one care enough to hit the propz?
  6. so lazy, didn't even bother to hit the propz Why?
  7. About a week into using the justseed.it, all I can say is IT IS f**king terrible!! Here's why:
  8. Cool, good work!
  9. one of few Chinese brand that one actually can trust.
  10. great share, thanks, buddy @KraL
  11. hahaa~~ OMG, poor Asian dude. This cracks me up very much~~
  12. Anyone use seedbox here? Any good one to recommend? My budget is around $45 a year, online storage around 100G (of course the bigger is better if the price didn't go up too much ) So, basically what I am asking is a seedbox with the high price and performance ratio. Put you thought here, appreciated that!
  13. Though I love Spanish culture, women, and all that. But this is English forum, so please speak English so everyone can understand. A Little Courtesy will get you a long way. PS: I do wish you get ban because you are obvious a leecher, None of your post that I can see even a slightly sign of sincerity. If you just post the topic so you can see our pass our work, I just want to said FUCK OFF!!