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Found 467 results

  1. Combo : Email - Pass Proxy : No Bot : 7 - 10 Proof :
  2. Hello Friends I just created config which is really fast. Here is the working proof: More Details: Url: Capture: No Tested: Yes Use Proxies: No (You can use if you want) Proxy Type: Normal (If you want to use) Bots: 10 ... 50 (Depending Upon Internet Speed) By: Thousy If you like my work, please UPVOTE
  3. Combo : Email - Pass Proxy : No [ Use berpsuit or http dubbeger to bypass ssl 420 ] bot : 5 -7 proof
  4. the configuration have to use with fiddler or http analyzer since it gives ssl error the configuration captures the data
  5. Site: SlickVPN Combo: email:pass Proxy: Pless up to 5 bots, otherwise use proxies. Anything in "To Check" tab are expired accounts. Slick VPN has auto ip switch feature (min 1 minute) like HMA and Nord Proof:
  6. Combo: Email:Pass Proxy: No Bots: 10-15 (Don't break the config please by running 100's of bots) Proof:
  7. Info Type : IPTV Config combo Type : User :Pass proxy: Yes bots: max 20-50 capture: Valid Account with expire date& max connection Screen: m3u link
  8. Combo : Email-Pass Proxy : No Bot : 3 Proof :
  9. Category: Private Tracker Combo: Normal Combo Proxy: Proxyless Bots: 10 Proof:
  10. Info Type : IPTV Config combo Type : User :Pass proxy: Yes bots: max 1-2 config super fast capture: Only capture valid Account via M3U Screen:
  11. Combo Type: Email Combo Proxy: No Bots: 3 - 5 Captures: No ( Hit Premium only ) Proof:
  12. Combo: User:Pass 6-12 6-12 Bot: 4-5
  13. @Mega_1 this ini is dead, can you repair it? /Boney Combo: Type: Email Combo Proxy: No Bots: 2 - 3 Capture: Expiry Date (Hits premium only) Switzerland, German & Austria Vpn required,however if IP bans change server Proof: Click on Propz button!!!!
  14. CONFIG INFO: Category: Asian Amatuer Street Whores Combo: Normal Combo Security: PopUp Creator: Modemizer Proxy: Proxyless Bots: 10 Info: When you run proxyless it will get the first hit than 430 out.
  15. Config: Napster (Music Streaming) Combo: Email Combo Proxy: Proxyless Capture: No | (Only Premium Hits though) Bots: 3-5 Last Checked: 04/10/2018
  16. Combo: User:Pass Proxy: No Bot: 3-5
  17. Bots:5 Combo Type: Email:Pass Proxy: No Capture: VPN Unlimited Account Status If i helped please leave a like! Proof
  18. Combo Type: Email Combo Proxy: Yes Bots: 70 Bots Pless: 5 Additional Info: Only Active - work pless too Screen Config
  20. Category: Presentation service Combo: Email Combo Proxy: Proxyless Bots: 6 Proof:
  21. CONFIG INFO: Category: Porn Combo: Normal Combo Security: Pop-Up Creator: Modemizer Proxy: Proxyless Bots: 25
  22. Ok here is a very basic config I make for I think I saw it in the requests section. it will capture all accounts, free, vip, etc, . I have successfully cracked free accounts but so far I haven't been able to crack VIP. If anybody could crack some VIP accounts hook me up with one LOL. Proxies: no combo: Normal combo user:pass bots: 1-5 proof: Or feel free to fix my config.
  23. You're my heart, you're my soul I'll keep it shining everywhere I go,

    I'll be holding you forever Stay with you together :ween2: