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Found 28 results

  1. Config Made By: Conquistador User-Pass Proxyless Bot:5-10 Proof:
  2. Hello guys. This is the official XFINITY Snipr Config. it has no Capture unfortunately. I hope one of you guys add it if possible. Please Rep/Like for more FairySubsTeam
  3. Ok here is a very basic config I make for 0mmo.net. I think I saw it in the requests section. it will capture all accounts, free, vip, etc, . I have successfully cracked free accounts but so far I haven't been able to crack VIP. If anybody could crack some VIP accounts hook me up with one LOL. Proxies: no combo: Normal combo user:pass bots: 1-5 proof: Or feel free to fix my config.
  4. @gpeditmsc500 I've updated this from the password protected *.rar (which we know is very easy to hide malware in) removed pass and used a different trusted file hoster. File 1: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/c246a188ac25825b43df340626ee8834f41b7a9ae2e55307b42c2b061a83e48e/detection File2: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/65539b045fe72684a7cbf4a9ac513dc4c2d1ed2101eb5575d5c1ff17cf65ae5e/detection Run this in sandboxie, FUD stubs are everywhere. /Bonez
  5. Hello guys. this is the official Nds-Card Snipr Config with capture. enjoy. [figure]: the config in the official Snipr website. Please Rep/Like for more FairySubsTeam
  6. Category: porn Combo: Normal Proxies: Yes Bots: 100-150 Additional info: Hits everything, so you will have to manually check after getting hits if it is premium.
  7. User:PassCapture: Account type, level and ztokens I can use 200 bots with about 300 google passed proxies
  8. CONFIG [SNIPR] mp3va Config by FairySubsTeam (me) + Capture [figure]: preview of the hits along with Nethingoez LOGO config code config preview Please Rep/Like for more FairySubsTeam
  10. CONFIG INFO: Category: Porn, Mature Security: Form, OCR Creator: Modemizer Proxy: Proxyless Bots: 10 Not many people know you can do proxyless on fast ocr. Simply make a txt file of two hundred blank lines set your bot to 5 and load that up as your proxies. Save As XML
  11. Which is better please...??
  12. Site: premierplayer.tv Combo Type: Email/Pass Proxy: No (use 1 - 4 bots only) Capture: Its Premium only Leave a green propz if you liked my config!
  13. User:PassCapture: Date Created, Last Played I can use 200 bots with about 300 google passed proxies
  14. User:Pass I can use 200 bots with about 300 google passed proxies
  15. Config Made By: Conquistador User-Pass Proxyless Bot:5-10 Proof: