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    THIS IS OUTDATED, PLEASE REMOVE IT. Here is my Peter Girls Cracker tool, which is proxyless. It tests around 1-1.5k combos per minute. -Extract the content from the zip. -Place the two files in the same folder. -Run the exe program. Useful info: You need .NET 4.5 or higher in order to run this software. The file logins.txt is where your combos are stored. You can copy and paste different combos directly into the textbox and then hit save and it'll save the combo to the file. If you get any hits it will popup as on the screenshot. Hits will be saved to a file named workinglogins.txt when the cracker has finished. You'll notice when it's finished since a message will popup telling you how long time it took to test all combos. Antivirus scan: https://virustotal.com/en/file/84d0a45518b87efdf89021f260d2bf5de967f85b608de36a5aa64f24a76a427e/analysis/1471787496/ Download: NO download due to grumpy gramps
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    Not a fucking rhing
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