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    Combo Type: Users Combo Proxy: Yes Bots: 30 - 50 Captures: Subscription Type & Account Status Additional info: Hit Active Accounts only Proof:
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    Bots: 25 Proxy: Yes Combo: User-Pass Proof: http://prntscr.com/ds2h1w
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    Proxy --> yes Combo Type --> user:pass Bots ---> <50
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    AthenaII Leecher is still a good program for leeching Proxies & Combos. One good thing about this program is it is real easy to use for cracking newbies and it crawls all urls on each page. VirusTotal Result: https://virustotal.com/en/file/0b9ecd58215c6a75bef659324e627c79a462b089e279ef8c85840f668b89a377/analysis/1484505914/ Rar, Exe, 43kbs - MediaFire
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    gather proxy 8.9 Premium Pre Activated Portable. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/9c1c87abf7a1fbff43007f4310f3a722ad6798ec4c42d599509c5c3e3d214284/analysis/ Please Like + Propz
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    Config totally updated! CONFIG INFO: Category: Filehost Combo: Normal Combo Proxy: Yes Bots: Max 30 Additional Info: Added capture based in the original config that was basic. Email,Till,Status Proof:
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    EZCrack v1.7 - Account Cracker Here's a list of what you can crack at the moment. I can almost guarantee that the file is clean but please use VMware or Sandboxi if you're afraid Shows a few false positives as usual. Virus Scan https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/0d18c30f1f3faff9b8e28647c7aaf534c1f55b8dd752c0f503ba5469a150b250/analysis/1440894586/ Download
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    Site: http://members.swallowed.com/ Bots: 50 Proxy: SSL Proof: http://prntscr.com/drwjqm
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    this tutorial i created for cracking school but since school is no more i release this for public . I have to change something will do that later I hope you guys know what proxy is, so we skip this part 1. How to leech proxies. There are several proxy leeching tools around, and in my personal experience they're invariably hot garbage. For one thing, you need to know enough to be able to build your own leech list or you're stuck using the one provided with the program.Which means every scrub using that program will be using the same list, you'll all have the same garbage/outdated proxies, and everything goes to pot. On top of that, you often end up with massive lists of dead or barely-responsive proxies, which take forever to check (assuming anyone ever bothers in the first place) as 100,000 dead proxies still have to be pinged individually.It's ridiculous to bother with all those dead-ends when you could just stick to 2-3 main sources and harvest your own personalized, fresh off the vine lists. Here are some methods peoples use to get proxies these days. A. leech proxy by hand from proxy based forum. B. use google search for getting list of proxres/links. C. using client/soft for automatically leeaching proxies. D. scan ranges to get unique proxies. A. Leech proxy by hand from proxy based forum. this is the most common way to leech proxies from internet. simply reply someones post (any proxy based forum/section ex. nethingoez proxy section refer https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/forum/106-proxy-lists/ and grab those proxies but you need some filtering first ( if you got 3-4 list of proxies from 3-4 different persons posted lists) you have to combine, filter and remove those duplicates from the lists and test them for satisfaction. usually people tested their proxy before they post. so at least you have to filter them properly. B. Use google search for getting list of proxres/links. In this way you need dork for searching proxies in google. Using dorks in google makes our search more specific which leads us to the perfect results. keywords inurl: Type of proxies (Elite, Anonymous, HTTP, SSL) intext: type of port (8123, 8080, 80, 9999) The dork (inurl:Elite proxies intext:":8123") In this dork, "inurl:" is searching for the urls that are having (Elite, Anonymous, HTTP, SSL) proxies in it, and "intext:" is searching for the pages having port (8123, 8080, 80, 9999) in it. This is how you can get more specific result. in this way you have to go page by page either you can grab all those proxies or you grab all the link and grab them with proxyfire or proxygear pro ( I recommend use proxyfire instead of using any other program) for more about google dork you should have a look at this thread https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/topic/39070-ways-to-gather-proxies-and-checking-against-a-site-video/ and this https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/topic/39066-proxy-gear-pro-v10/ C. using client/soft for automatically leeching proxies. In my opinion this is the best and most effective way to leech proxies from the web using proxyfire. This method is very useful for all no matter you are beginner or pro. first we setup proxyfire in the proper way for getting the best result. Open proxyfire Click on option in the check tab uncheck (Loop) and (Use Lib) and if you don't want to check sock 4 & socks 5 than un check them as well. Go to P-Leecher, P-Search and P-Scan Tab uncheck (Loop) and (Use Lib) as well. In the Proxy Filter tab always check this option for filtering your proxy properly in the setting tab set your connect time out and receive time out and the judge OK lets get started There are three way to leech proxy via proxyfire client C.a P-Leech C.b P-Search C.c P-Scan C.a P-Leech This is the way where you can leech proxies from thousands of link. as i mentioned above in b. just copy those link and past below this line #http://proxyfire.org/forum/ Save and close this window and press Uniq Forum List (this will remove duplicate from those link) than press go and let proxyfire do the rest. Now click on result directory where you found rest of the proxy you just leeched from all those links. now filter and test them and you are good to go. C.b P-Search Another way to leech proxies via proxyfire but its different than P-Leech this way we need some fresh proxy to run the client (as i kept my previous tested list i will be using it) click on keyword and past your list of fresh proxy (delete all those out dated/old proxy you should do every time you using this method) and press go (remember don't try to be over smart and change anything except the keyword) i mean if you change the value of the search thread from more than 1 your IP will be fucked up by google but you can change the search engine from googel to msn or yahoo or whatever you want now wait for it to be finish or you can stop it after getting a comfortable list let me explain in this way proxyfire engine search each proxy one by one like is the proxy the engine will search this proxy in google and grab every proxy linked with this proxy. lets say 500k to 600k leeched but when you filter the you will have 100k to 120k unique proxy. so keep this in mind. when done go to result directory copy all the proxy which is leeched and filter & test them [remember filter them properly] because the list contain lots of duplicate and dangerous proxy note you can use this method for garbing link from the google as well C.c P-Scan here you need a list of IP Range here you can find them https://www.countryipblocks.net/country_selection.php or you can create your own for making your own range past your list of fresh proxy and click on go and than click on copy to scanner Scan them and filter and test them What is proxy judge? A Proxy Judge is a script that is hosted online that returns visitor's information that was sent to the server. The main purpose of such scripts is to check and validate proxy servers. The way most proxy checkers test proxies is by making a proxy connect to a proxy judge and parsing its output to determine what kind of details a particular proxy reveals and then derive its level of anonymity from that information. Without a proxy judge, a successful connection made to some random website through a proxy would only tell us that the proxy server "works", but it doesn't tell us much else such as the additional information sent with each request and the level of anonymity that that particular proxy provides. Where can you find reliable Proxy Judges? Setting up a proxy judge is very easy and it can cost nothing so there is no shortage of proxy judges on the Internet and finding them is easy. The problem is that most of the public proxy judges are unreliable because they are hosted on slow or unstable servers, so if a proxy judge gets too popular, then the server slows down or even shuts down. If that happens, then tests done with a proxy judge will either fail or timeout marking the proxy server as dead even if it's alive. List of Proxy Judges Instead of compiling a huge list of every proxy judge we could find, we decided instead to list only the most reliable and established proxy judges that are not likely to disappear. http://azenv.net/ Is a default proxy judge on our online proxy checker and other proxy software made by us and other people. Has been online since 2011 and is unlikely to ever go down because so many software applications depend on it. http://www.goldenpirates.org/proxy/azenv.php One of the oldest proxy judges on the Internet - has been online since at least 2009. It is the default proxy judge for testing proxies on Elite Proxy Switcher and other programs. http://proxyjudge.us/azenv.php Online since 2012 and is being used as a default proxy judge by many premium proxy list providers. read more about proxy judge http://www.proxynova.com/proxy-articles/list-of-proxy-judges/ how to set judge in proxyfire Read this http://nethingoez.com/topic/5502-how-to-add-judge-on-proxyfire/ how to test and filter proxy. Tester one good tester is enough. recommended best proxy tester 1. Proxyfire 2. Charon 3. FJProxy Tester Download Proxyfire.v1.25 Charon v0.6 FJProxy Tester_0.1b Filtering proxy with proxyfire or charon here i have added the file filter for both of this program Download file filter https://www.mediafire.com/?90edk8wcd1843az past planetlab in proxyfire directory and past my_planetlab in the filterfiles folder of the charon directory Proxyfire I already mentioned above about the proper setting again check all this option as you can see the Trim option that means delete everything except proxy Randomize and Remove duplicate no need to explain or fuck yourself Delete dangerous IPs this means deleting Government, Army, NASA, Defense system, Military etc IPS ( you definitely need them delete if you don't want to get caught) Planet/CoDeeN Privacy of Planet/CoDeeN All accesses via CoDeeN are logged, mostly to aid in identifying abuse and other forms of damage control. We sometimes monitor these logs, report abuse, and release entries to aid in investigations. In case of suspicious traffic, we may access URLs from the logs to determine what kind of content is passing through our network. We are also using these logs in our own research, so they may be examined as needed for non-abuse reasons. For normal users, we do not expect that we will intentionally release any personally-identifying information. To prevent abuse, some sites have requested we pass along the client IP addresses and these are included with every request forwarded to those sites. for more please refer to this link http://codeen.cs.princeton.edu/ SYN Scan while check his option is the client will filter the proxy as well as test them to check that the proxy is alive or not so un check this option for saving time coz we are just filtering them we already got another option for testing proxy RLB Filter Real-time Blackhole filter read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNSBL and http://netwinsite.com/surgemail/help/rbl.htm host name filter are same as Dangerous IP so uncheck this as well and last but not least port and country filter port filter exclude > these are the bad port or you can add more by spacing between two port include > say you need only high anon like 8123 port just add them and you are get to go country filter same as port filtering just click on select and check/uncheck the country you want or not Charon Charon is the same as proxyfire do there is a buildin guide so read it by yourself click on this question mark in every tab and you will understand every thing so proxyfire and charon can do anything from leeching, scanning/IP Range, filtering, testing/against sites in a word all in one FJProxy Tester simple and easy tool for testing proxies against site read more about FJProxy Tester http://nethingoez.com/topic/6541-fjproxy-tester-01b/
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    combo:user:pass prox:yes bot;70-80 .......... ............ PLZ Press button LIKE if you like my posts Don't Forget to rep me ... !!
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    Found this site by accident. Hoping to enjoy my stay
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    HEY ITS MIKE. Cant wait to explore the site
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    Hi dudes, i'm here because i'm a big enthusiast of technology and internet stuff, so i'll try to learn all i can from this forum. Nice to be here....
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    Hi every one, nice to meet you ! My name is jean but call me Grinko , I'm comming from the white flag with the most bloody athem ! ( Hater gonna hate <3 ) So, sorry for my english, trying to do my best, dont hesitate to say that I made a mistake !
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    I am new, just looking 4 fun
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    Hello everyone im h3h3 (not the actual youtuber), im boring
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