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    I've recently heard about this website you can use to get paid to write articles. Customers decide topic, length, and price of the article, and you can select the projects you are the most interested in: then, after three days, your article can be either accepted or rejected. Earnings greatly depend on your rating: they can be as low as around 2$ for a 300-500 words article and as high as more than 15$ per article. Payouts are made through Paypal (you can receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments, your choice). VIDEO TUTORIAL LINK FOR SITE
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    Hey Nethingoez Community, I think some of you know the Trouble that Sentry MBA crash at the Splash Screen when runnig with WinE. So at all i've found an fixed Version which is running like a charme and does the Job very well, the Sentry MBA wine-o Edition. The Creator did a simple edit to v1.4.1 in a hex editor to remove the splash screen giving full functionality to the main form running on Linux with Wine. here are bugs I've noticed such as Sentry MBA remaining the top most form locking your keyboard to the application, it is fixed my right clicking the task bar and selecting minimize. Another minor bug is having to use Terminal to end the task (screenshot below). There may be other bugs, although the application does what it's supposed to do so enjoy Sentry MBA on Linux! Important: Disable the whole History Function under History/Options each time you start Sentry MBA or you'll be get an "Bot not relaunched" Error, due to the Sandbox of Wine it can't create an History file, so you have to Copy your Accounts out of Sentry each time you've done, they won't be Saved in Sentry! Screens: Download: Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/70e9717a40d4c333b42d5415d11fccaeb7ca8bedd73ecdac40f5f208b4dfcdfa/analysis/1495522148/
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    Request by: @mohin Bots:100 Combo Type: User:Pass Proxy: Yes Capture: If I helped please leave +propz!
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    Combo Type: Email Combo Proxy: Yes Bots: 50 Additional Info: Capture Account Type Proof Config
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    Combo: Normal Combo. Proxy: Yes. Bots: 30-50 Additional Info: Use good proxies. Proof: Config:
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    Combo : User/Email Combo Proxy : Yes Bots : 50 Info Captured : Free (add on Config) and Premium
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    Bots:80 Combo Type: Email:Pass Proxy: Yes Check proxies against site Capture: Account Balance If I helped please leave +propz!
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    https://prnt.sc/fqm813 VT: https://virustotal.com/ru/file/1974bf71d1c8b07190dca836f5d1b54bbd64a18126cc1f5091f6caf44d448fe0/analysis/1498755171/
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    CONFIG INFO: Category: Filehost, Debrid Combo: Email Combo Proxy: Yes Bots: 50 Capture: Traffic Additional Info: Many filehost Supported Proof: Config:
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    Combo : User/Email Combo Proxy : Yes Bots : 40-100
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    tools only supports 10 bots maximum to prevent it from being useless and capture full account details. Virus Total Scan Result : 0 / 54 https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/ffa08bed4ce2b3228bd15330899321f5318434beed68bb95ba63408118aa45ec/analysis/ Rar Password Credit Goes to RoyDj its his tool not mine MediaFire Download Link https://www.mediafire.com/?mh1od7sc27b4bwh ZeveraProxylessCracker.rar
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    Type: Porn Combo: Email/Pass Proxies: No Bots: 5 Captures: Tokens
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    combo email:pass prox:yes bot;70:8 ............. ........................ PLZ Press button LIKE if you like my posts Don't Forget to rep me ... !!
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    Bots:10 max Combo Type: Email:Pass Proxy: no Capture: Member type&Profile Created If I helped please leave +propz! Proof
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    Bots:75 Combo Type: User:Pass Proxy: YES Capture: If I helped please leave +propz! Proof
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