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  1. Enjoy everyone, this is a free service provide by @bawz and is 100% working, tablets, cellphones, I'm watching tv show from norway and other countries, and I don't know the language, fuck netflix, hulu and the iptv, this is great.
  2. thanks a lot for the info, I will try to check this tool, looks interesting
  3. bump again, maybe someone can help me, I have 5 pictures and I want to create something like this Since I doubt someone is going to do this for free, I can pay.
  4. We don't demote ex-staff, so,etimes we make mistakes, so you have you rank back
  5. @iMPaCt Your config was reported as not working. Could you please look into it and repair if possible?
  6. @ILoveNTG (Illusive-Man) I'm too don't know the exact reason of your ban, only few details, but but I'll try to find out, I tried to pm you, but you were banned and I don't have your discord, anyway you are a good element of staff, you worked hard, giving ideas, helping new staff members, etc. PD: thanks for you words, I was told that you take part so that I would go back as staff when I was demoted, I appreciated. I will not say bye, only see ya, but let's hope this have a happy ending
  7. Fuck, we can't trust anybody, luckily I didn't use that tool yet, but now I'm going to use the version you mentioned abrooke139, thanks for the info
  8. This Account is Dead & No longer Working.