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  1. Proxy = YES Bots = 30-50 Combo = Any type Capture = Yes, Email Saved combo = Valid Users
  2. Combo Type: User:Pass Proxy: Yes Bots: 20-30 bots Note: Please send account to Add Premium Capture Image:
  3. Combo Type: Email:Pass Proxy: Yes Bots: 20-30 Capture: Yes (Account Type) Screen:
  4. aman12

    sentry mba

    Thanks @mega_1 bro, I will try it.
  5.  checked out your post,i'd be glad if you share info.i have a working config that shows fail keys but i need to find the right success key.i have orking accounts already.

    Thanks aman for posting


  6. Hello Bro, once you posted Geounlock config for alldebrid, I had that one, but now its not working. can you help in this regard please. Thanks.
  7. aman12

    sentry mba

    Thanks a lot dear.
  8. Thanks brother, nice config.
  9. thanks for this. great. TROJAN ALERT Hello NTG members, I checked this tool again and detected it to be a TROJAN