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  1. I do not think this is a crash lol. forget about your money and let it grow.
  2. cant see it clearly due to the green background
  3. Pump and Dump Group Discord Invite

    how long is the pump for?
  4. still working htis safe enough will try?
  5. yep only buy from the source directly lol
  6. KraL's Altcoins VIP Signal Service

    thanks dude. you got target sells that go with it?
  7. Best VPN for speed

    vyprvpn, purevpn, hma, expressvpn
  8. Liteoin- aka Silver of crypto

    at the moment yes!
  9. ETH is a joke

    XVG skyrocketed. uncleTom is probably a millionaire now.
  10. ETH is a joke

    you may still invest in it.
  11. ETH is a joke

    ETH is skyrocketing
  12. PS4 or Xbox one

  13. PBR

    awesome thanks.
  14. is there a motley fool account/config lying around that we could use to learn and invest? Thanks
  15. PBR

    this is the october report https://pastebin.com/xYK9UGJF