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  1. Wtf.

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    2. Bonez


      He left NTG @Tito and will not be back... I've talked to him a lot about it.

    3. Bonez


      Though he will occasionaly visit to talk thru PM's. that's it.

    4. Tito


      reason to left ntg? wolfachraf?

  2. It's good to know how these things can be done, thanks
  3. Is this a trick to be considered a better seller or what? let's see
  4. I don't get it, what are the advantages vs. using a VPN? Moreover, in the privacy policy it states they analyze the traffic
  5. What's this thing of Black Bullet browser, lol, I'm curious now, let me see
  6. Definitely worth to have this, thanks
  7. I remember you hahaha Welcome back "spammer"
  8. why SmPlayer or PotPlayer better than VLC?