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  1. @ShadowAngel This version is still working fine.
  2. I loved windows 7 and still do, windows 10 feels like an updated 7 with effortless driver installs and things like that.
  3. token not present in source code ???

    Maybe its in another URL and can grab it with IA , Fiddler or other HTTP debugger will show you all URL's loaded when you try to log in.
  4. https://www.lucasentertainment.com/login.php
  5. sentry mba MormonGirlz.com | [OCR] (Accounts Premium)

    I think the problem is the version of sentry everyone is using, sentry 1.4.2 (modded by microsoft) would not run, switched back to sentry 1.4 and it runs.
  6. sentry mba MormonGirlz.com | [OCR] (Accounts Premium)

    It seems to work fine in debugger, not so good when you try to run a known hit through normally though.
  7. sentry mba Iobit.com

    very nice, thanks bro
  8. SLAYER Leecher v0.4 [ the cracking never easy been

    sounds good, thanks for the up
  9. Word List Updater 2.7

    Couldn't find this when searching so figured I would post it up, great combo tool that easily does what is needed most of the time. Virus Total : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/b3138fa96900d1655b111f3c2d53c101424f5545c4daaf102ac1872433f43960/detection
  10. Burp Suite Pro 1.5.20 Cracked

    HTTP Debugger, MITM Tool . virus total: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/a4d941f498f98c4e9822e8e70444d39759da32de50158eb8a1611fa3b14cc9e8/detection
  11. Site to get brand new and old DB dumps for free

    like to take a look
  12. Mega.nz Checker + Capture Data + Source code

    sounds great, thanks!
  13. ill take a look, thanks for the up
  14. CHARON 0.6

    thanks for the tool