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  1. working here
  2. Very nice share, thanks bro!
  3. Krackn & Blacked Raw | x1

    Tushy + Blacked Raw
  4. Krackn

    Sentry MBA Config Question

    <USER>&token=&<PASS>. By putting in the token= where you want it to be sentry knows it goes there. as long as you have you constant to be token= then your parsing code sentry will change that number. No need to try to assign or anything , post data is default for sentry variables .
  5. Krackn

    sentry mba

    @ShadowAngel site now has recaptcha
  6. Krackn

    LetsBruteit 2018 V.

    Right, I think this is a awesome idea to protect high value configs
  7. Newer version from HNB Virus Total:
  8. Krackn

    sentry mba (Premium)

    Looking into it
  9. Krackn

    LetsBruteit Configs

    Site is run by subscriptions through RR and SB, if everything was free what would be the incentive to subscribe ?
  10. Krackn

    sentry mba proxyless [Updated + Fixed]

    @bernis Whats this then?