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  1. @ShadowAngel site now has recaptcha
  2. Right, I think this is a awesome idea to protect high value configs
  3. Newer version from HNB Virus Total:
  4. This is a pass trading site, many valid accounts that can be used for cracking sites or simply logging in and enjoying. @Admin @Config Masta @Red Rope @Shady Bastards **Be nice to figure out how to scrape the passwords off this site for a combo list.**
  5. I think the problem is the version of sentry everyone is using, sentry 1.4.2 (modded by microsoft) would not run, switched back to sentry 1.4 and it runs.
  6. It seems to work fine in debugger, not so good when you try to run a known hit through normally though.
  7. Couldn't find this when searching so figured I would post it up, great combo tool that easily does what is needed most of the time. Virus Total :
  8. HTTP Debugger, MITM Tool . virus total: