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  1. Thank you for posting such a great account bro
  2. ofcourse Crypto goona stay but Paper money goona die ....
  3. @Bonez What about Zencash? I think it is better then Monero. ZenCash is more than just a way to send and receive money anonymously. It is a full privacy platform that other developers can build upon . Monero untraceable coins getting traced is In 2016, federal law enforcement agents seized nearly 12 thousand Monero coins but the government did not publicize how it was able to track down these “untraceable” coins ... I think it still lacks end to end encryption. so I don't think its Fully Secure as much as Zencash .
  4. ZenCash Mark my word . current price = 44$ future price shall be 1000$
  5. ofcourse Vetrex by buddah Mate . This tool recomdeed me
  6. I suggest you to invest in Ethereum .
  7. Blockchain is a good technology for our future , I don't see it as a Bubble . Corection is almost over guys .
  8. @d0ct0R You're too optimistic mate. The bottom is coming but not tonight. I'm thinking 10 to 15 days we may test some very low numbers before a small bounce back the levels we're at now and then go up and down as usual.