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  1. thank you @DarkZero for the upload of HQ Combo Cleaner Tool ... x
  2. thanks a lot @JunooN yep looks a lot safer .great work bro about the Launcher Delete the one that came with this BB 2.5.1 & Add Launcher from Blackbullet 2.0.2 Cracked By Yuki and Crank. then the Browser will not Open up..cheers ... x
  3. thank you bro.mine died @Elliot your doing good work @ NTG.
  4. nice combo list thanks a lot bro
  5. it does not captcher the SITES is what i am saying i know it takes captcher service @Ryuta
  6. @Ryuta seems you have captcher on your bangbros.. well mine does not https://imgur.com/a/fpBO7Ry https://imgur.com/a/fpBO7Ry ... x
  7. heard good things about this site thanks a lot bro @JunooN
  8. @aifuihnbjhbh your reply is unacceptable!
  9. this is so great to see this posted @ NTG..thanks a lot @Ryuta great work