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  1. great work as all ways @popper rock keep up the good work and thanks for being apart of NTG
  2. I hope that our Lord brings you and your family the much-needed peace during this sad time. My condolences to you and your family. ... x
  3. respect all peepz...NTG
  4. different for sure thanks for the share bro not loading in sentry for me any ways @xixonsi
  5. thanks a lot for the share mine not working
  6. please would you explain how to use xlm file for footfetish site?

    1. suan12121


      thanks a lot man, great job

  7. thanks for this share mega1 @Mega_1 can u fix this maybe
  8. if these are unchecked how did you crack them then ? @DopeBoyRich23 checked 10 working but that is not the point
  9. thanks for the share @masta666 my old one died after 2 yrs
  10. thanks @masta666 have not seen this in a long time