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  1. damn love you Boss's this is Great news for NTG as soon as i get my state check you are on..thanks ... x
  2. @2Die2Day can you fix action url or delete .thanks ... x
  3. @NewStar can you fix action url or delete.thanks ... x
  4. @Mega_1 the Enviroment .ini file the link works but no file there.thanks ... x
  5. @Har3ard i will ask you once were did you get the pass's for this site @
  6. TrannyMovieClips ... x
  7. 3 sites 2 each ... x
  8. @Modemizer please fix or delete thanks ... x
  9. @2Die2Day please fix this config or do you want it trashed ... x
  10. @alucard hi bro will this work windows or mac & 86 or 64