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  1. nice share and try it out for your contribution
  2. good share and thanks much for you my bro
  3. hope to find some sites for inj!! thanks
  4. very nice share and thanks much, my bro edit: what is the pass?
  5. thanks much to try this version out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. lots of functions: - Add prefix, suffix - Remove duplicates, empty lines, word (user/pass) containing character/number, whitespace, remove line containing char, longer then, shorter then.. etc.. - Replace in user/pass, case sensitive, ignore case - Convert email:pass to user:pass, convert user:pass to email:pass, swap user:pass - Upper/lowercase, only user, only pass, or both, only first letter, only last letter or all.. - Extract emailadresses from any text file (html, xml, txt, database, json, etc etc). - RegEx extract - extract user:pass from iptv m3u links, split database dump by delimiter, extract text by textual position.. - Assign wordlist to combo (user/pass), combine 2 wordlists to make a combo file
  7. d





  8. nice share my bro need to try it out!!!!!!!!!!