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  1. Bonez


    Busy with life?

    Long time since I saw you.

    Holla back

    1. Khan


      hello bro. how r u ? yes busy with job and getting married in march. alos thinking to apply for ph.d . so much in my plate at the moment. hopefully everyone is fine .


  2. Khan

    sentry mba

    Normal combo proxy =yes capture added.
  3. Khan

    sentry mba

    Email combo proxy = yes capture minutes and credits.
  4. Normal combo proxy = yes
  5. Khan

    Julian in my library

    Look like monk was on typing writer
  6. you are late i deleted the software.
  7. Khan


    No idea about last pass but the other config of fileboom type config and necryption server made by enerdude.and is probably banned
  8. ??????????

  9. Warrior with weapons like swordswould be good and bit bigger covering more space . And add some hardcore style and color to name.