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  1. No proxies / Use 2 bots / Email combos > US recommended Captures active accounts + data "Next billing date" / Inactive accounts go to users/combos
  2. Ntg combomaker

    I agree with @Khan on this. I only recently checked some accounts for a config and they even work for the same site most of the time.
  3. Bots: Max 40 Combo Type: Email:Pass|User:Pass Proxy: Yes Capture: ActiveSub Proof: https://mega.nz/#!YZNiBaYa!fYfQOjGNFSy96nwnR10EHfxA2UbRYVRud3RKiFOiGCM Credits to @Kerodan & @Khan for helping out with this config.
  4. [Config Help] Game-Leap.com

    @KerodanSent you a quick PM.
  5. [Config Help] Game-Leap.com

    @KerodanGood stuff, I'm in the same boat. Let me know if you get any hits... In case I do I'll get back to you ;-)
  6. [Config Help] Game-Leap.com

    I'll try and help a bit since I'm a DOTA fan and didn't know about this site. So thanks @Kerodan. Below is a working config without keys for hits since I didn't get any hits yet. Are you a fan also or simply trying to get accounts for this site?
  7. whitegirlsgotass.com

    thanks for sharing
  8. crackit.info [Site Rip]

    thank you for sharing this
  9. hitman Upstore.net

    good stuff thank you
  10. HQ Proxy Scraper v1.0 by fbbo

    thanks for sharing
  11. ilovethebeach.com Cracked Accounts / Candid

    thanks for sharing
  12. Showtime.com 4X accounts

    I was just looking for this, so thanks a lot.