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  1. thanks for this lets get some config action on
  2. thanks looking at new cracking tools failed to work opened up to a 502 error
  3. Packt.Mastering.Kali.Linux-XQZT Title: Mastering Kali Linux Publisher: Packt Size: 484M (506841621 B) Files: 11F Date: 08/01/2018 Course #: 9781789345766 Type: N/A Published: Modified: N/A URL: Author: Aubrey Love II Duration: Skill: N/A Exer/Code: [ ] Installation: Unpack that shit, run that shit Notes: Become a master at any hackers game by discovering and understanding each of the major tools that every hacker is currently using. 1.Advanced Reconnaissance! 01.The Course Overview.mp4 02.Performing the Right Recon Work.mp4 03.Installing Recon-NG.mp4 04.Integrating Twitter API's.mp4 05.Discovering Modules with Recon-NG.mp4 06.Exploiting Modules with Recon-NG.mp4 2.Exploiting WordPress Sites 07.Scanning WordPress Sites.mp4 08.Enumerating Usernames.mp4 09.Cultivating a Password Dictionary.mp4 10.Bruteforcing Login.mp4 11.Discovering Plugins and More!.mp4 3.Finding Vulnerabilities with SQLMap 12.SQL Databases.mp4 13.Google Dorking.mp4 14.Site Vulnerability Testing.mp4 15.Listing Databases and Tables with SQLMap.mp4 16.Listing Usernames from Tables.mp4 17.Extracting Passwords from Target Columns.mp4 18.Cracking Passwords.mp4 4.Hacking Bluetooth Devices 19.Bluetooth Tools.mp4 20.Scan and Ping for Victims.mp4 21.RFComm Channel Surfing.mp4 22.RedFang.mp4 23.Other Tools.mp4 5.Advanced Scanning Methods 24.Port Scanning.mp4 25.Zombie.mp4 26.Nikto Scanning.mp4 27.Perform a Stealth Scan.mp4 6.Target Exploiting and Testing 28.Exploring the S.E.T..mp4 29.Site Cloning.mp4 30.Spear Fishing.mp4 31.Harvester Attacking.mp4 32.Exploiting with Commix.mp4 7.Scanning and Testing Networks 33.Scanning for Live Hosts.mp4 34.Discovering Open Ports.mp4 35.Find Services Actively Listening.mp4 36.Show Anonymous FTP Logins.mp4 37.Test for Vulnerabilities.mp4 FOR DIRECT DOWNLOADS JOIN RED ROPE
  4. Tried this it listed a load of accounts the checker for subscriptions didnt work, and the accounts was not valid, therefore im assuming this does not work anymore.
  5. will test and post back if its still working
  6. thanks will run some checks and hopefully get some hits
  7. thanks for the share a nice proxyless
  9. thanks first config ive tried with this software