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  1. Gather Proxy 8.9.0 Premium

    Will try thanks!
  2. Sentry MBA 420 Empty header

    It's sentry fault. I am trying another site an same error : SSL error when analyzing the login page. I am trying with phpbrute ( complex to create a module), hitman ( giving connection retries always) and finally bruteit. Bruteit seems to work but when some accounts are checked, appears session errors on webpage, so I think it can't handle properly the cookies and the sessions. I didn't find any working alternative yet for my site.
  3. AIOHNB tool v 2.7.8 [Full version]

    Will try this old tool Thanks!
  4. sentry mba Hulu API

    Thanks for this- Will check this site.
  5. Mega.nz Checker + Capture Data + Source code

    Thanks for this, going to try at holidays!
  6. sentry mba Scribd.com

    We can check if you still have this problem.
  7. Need help in adding CAPTURE to Chegg config

    Can you send me a pm with test account to try your config? Maybe I can solve the problem
  8. Based on @jasnyhuj config Use Proxie : Yes. Combo: Email Combo. Capture : email,Good username and premium.
  9. sentry mba scribd.com

    Thanks man I will try the config not working anymore
  10. Fast Proxy Checker v1.3

    will try thanks man!
  11. Modemizer Helped Create Warez-bb.org

    Impressed man.
  12. sentry mba proxyless League of Legends NA

    Will try I think is not possible and thanks!
  13. We are monitoring your account and it seems you are taking much more than you are giving. 
    Since you are a long time member of ntg, we shall give you the benefit of the doubt and give you a 
    second chance and hope you start contributing soon. We will continue monitoring and if we see no 
    effort on your part you will be dropped to member0 as well.

  14. sentry mba AirVpn.com

    thanks will try!!