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  1. Config

    let me see how you have done it you should set up as this way to void waste time...
  2. sentry mba

    thank for it, bro
  3. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    @magt0288 Try it and still have problem, use another VPN still same that
  4. sentry config fail

    @djiplay Done your config very fast but seems this site does not have more users, lol
  5. [Let'sBruteIT] A glance

    let me see it now thank bro
  6. Checker + Package Checker

    lol, maybe us should run it on Ssandboxie 9 / 67
  7. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    @magt0288 I understand it, thank you but "" seems can't use...can you help me?
  8. Firefox Quantum

    just download it must use some days to have feedback thank bro for news P.S. seems very good and faster, smoothly 52 tabs and
  9. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    I trying to do with SMBA and Letbruteit but can't be done. So can you help or teach me? Thank you and good luck
  10. NTG Popup Multi Cracker v1.0

    @ fbbo Thank you.Nice tool for PORN. P.S. Can you add proxy support more? and seems your tool does not save list POP-UP sites... don't need the popup telling us to have hits, it will make your tool or PC crash
  11. Blendle is a Dutch online news platform that aggregates articles from a variety of newspapers and magazines and sells them on a pay-per-article basis... Combo: Type: Email Combo Proxy: Yes Bots: 50-70 Proof:
  12. Account Hitman v0.98 [Stable Version]

    thanks for sharing it!
  13. pay to leech lol 

    1. Starbucks



      I don't leech (limit 5 configs per days), I just want to learn more about sentry MBA & Letbruteit to make private configs for my customers, bro :)

      you or staff can check now, I never post any sources (accounts, configs, tools) to any another forum :)

      I earned some $ from NTG and donated all to NTG last time (julian know about me, I never leech)

  14. HarvardBusinessReview

    needing it, thank for this, Solux P.S. what mean of DEFC's name?
  15. havij 2.0 not displaying properly help

    1.17 pro is ended version. but 1.16 pro cracked so good than 1.17 (all this version have the virus) or you can use the sqlmap or SQL Dumper