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  1. Can you post this as an attachment - the copy and paste is driving me F'N mad - its full on non ascii characters and wont save as an ini file without finding all the little shits.
  2. many thanks - need to test this out to get rapidgator working again
  3. Many thanks - need to check a couple of configs that are not working in 1.4.1 into 1.4.2 to see if that is the issue
  4. Many thanks - hopefully still operational - will try and get hits back to site EDIT - free accounts are going into hits - config needs some work = can anyone help out.
  5. Very nice share - will test out and hopefully get some hits to share back here
  6. Many thanks for sharing the config - never tried the site before - hopefully can share some hits back if found
  7. Many thanks for the share m8 - look a smokin hot site
  8. Will test out as previous config has gone toes up. Will report back. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME - THIS ONE IS BORKED ALSO
  9. seedys50

    many thanks for sharing the config - let see if i can get some hits to share back
  10. seedys50

    sentry mba

    Many thanks for sharing - looks a nice site - lets see if i can get some hits to share back
  11. Many thanks for sharing the config - lets test and see if still operational.
  12. Thanks go to Ryuta for the config - works a treat. As promised here is the first account to share. Account also opens over 12 linked sister sites.