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  1. seedys50

    Very strange how you report it not working and a few hours later the account has been drained to 0 mins. Watch your posts
  2. seedys50

    sentry mba

    Many thanks for another fine share m8 - lets see if i can get some hits to share back here
  3. Has anyone managed to get a working account from this. Under the User/combos im getting plenty of expired accounts but in the hits im getting the above (also saying expired). Attempting to login with the hits results in failed login. Does the result of a valid account actually say different in the hit column or am i wasting time with the config.
  4. Another very nice share m8 - always appreciate your work
  5. Many thanks for sharing another top config - lets see if i can get some hits to share back. Appreciate all your efforts and look forward to anything else that gets released.
  6. Many thanks for sharing the config - you are on fire m8
  7. Ooh-La-La - very nice m8 - thanks as always for the share
  8. Im a bit late to this party - many thanks for the share - lets check if still operational. EDIT - as expected im too late - site has adjusted and config no longer works. Everything going into retries and no combos getting tested.
  9. Another fine share - many thanks m8
  10. Thanks for the share - lets see if we can shake the tree
  11. Many thanks for this m8 - lets see if we can get some to share back EDIT - config need a bit of work - every attempt is coming back 404 not found.
  12. Many thanks m8 - lets see how this goes
  13. many thanks for the share m8 - appreciated EDIT - config needs some work - it is picking up expired accounts as valid hits. If i get a valid account i will pass on to get the config modified.
  14. seedys50

    sentry mba

    many thanks for sharing - lets see if we can get this one to work its magic