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  1. Have fun all enjoy them be fore they all go.
  2. Updated: Moved BanProxyAfterGoodStatus from global to config-specific. VirusTotal:
  3. Psiphon is a free and open-source Internet censorship circumvention tool that uses a combination of secure communication and obfuscation technologies (VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy). Psiphon is specifically designed to support users in countries considered to be “enemies of the Internet” which operates systems and technologies designed to assist Internet users to securely bypass the content-filtering systems used by governments to impose censorship of the Internet. READ MORE ON NEXT PAGE Gets you where you want to go… Censored by your country, corporation, or campus? After dealing with repressive regimes around the world, we are uniquely suited to help you get to the content you want, whenever and wherever you want it. …and gets you there safely. Want to surf securely when using public WiFi? Free internet is nice, but stolen cookies and accounts are not. Psiphon gives you a safe path to the Internet, no matter what network you’re using to connect. Trust, Speed, Simplicity: pick three Since 2008, Psiphon has helped millions of people in freedom-restricted countries around the world safely access censored knowledge and ideas. Now Psiphon can do the same for you. What is Psiphon? Psiphon is a circumvention tool from Psiphon Inc. that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technology to provide you with uncensored access to Internet content. Your Psiphon client will automatically learn about new access points to maximize your chances of bypassing censorship. Psiphon is designed to provide you with open access to online content. Psiphon does not increase your online privacy, and should not be considered or used as an online security tool. DOWNLOAD PSIPHON FOR WINDOWS DIRECTLY FROM: DOWNLOAD PISPHON FOR MAC FROM APPLE APP STORE: NOTE FROM Punisher75: PSIPHON IS SIMPLY AWESOME, it’s a portable file and you just run the exe file and let it connect – it will automatically choose the fastest country (like a VPN) for you, then it will open your default browser so you can browse and surf normally, it will just be running in the background and you won’t even notice it. I encourage you to give it a try, it’s free and it will be very helpful when your internet is censored in any way. Thank you very much.
  4. Please fix the hide section m8
  5. This all you need to make your own signatures and wallpapers .
  6. Thanks guys for the kinds words
  7. Hi all sorry for the down time i had a Big Computer crash and i'm slowly getting my stuff back but not all. I have lost a few HQ stuff that i can't get back so i'm going to try my best to back where i was. I hope you are all good talk to you all soon.
  8. Well done m8 good to see you helping us out. If you can add a button so you can use or own proxy list that would help out as well just a suggestion best of luck Update : Virustotal 10 / 59 https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/1100756dc59b795f416697296e125a367a4a87df990aed8e59f9d0cd02fdf726/detection
  9. well footbal is (soccer) in other countries lol best of luck if u do
  10. looks good m8 i would keep that as well
  11. thanks need this to test a config
  12. this for this going to check if still working
  13. I found this though i should share it here good luck guys Virus total: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/c532533100d63d221440c9a29929c8850f4c154fabba701efd1c9b5ba526f1ac/detection Download: