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  1. Good to see things back up and running 🍻
  2. Hello John welcome to the site...
  3. hope all is going well :) stay safe and forever healthy 

    1. SHIFTY


      Thanks buddy still living an kicking on! Hope all is good on your side as well

    2. kevinsheeks


      one day at a time :) everything's okay for me as well lets kick 2017s ass :D 

  4. lmao way to easy thanks for giving me something to do
  5. change your reply as it looks like a bot replying

  6. switch up your thanks reply if you can as you do the same comment for everything

  7. change up your reply to threads or it looks like your spamming, thanks

  8. sup but fac3

    1. SHIFTY


      why hello there

  9. Has anyone had any luck getting hits?
  10. Are you saying it doesn't work? An if that's the case did you report it as dead already?
  11. How many Netflix and WWE accounts does 1 person need might I ask?

    1. bosshog


      I get a Netflix account or a wwe account use it for so long and then it stops working or I comment on a post get the account then it doesn't work.

    2. SHIFTY


      make sure you report accounts as dead when they no longer work or it looks like your leeching

  12. Curious why you need multiples of various accounts?

    Seems alot for 1 person no?


    1. g00d


      coz a lot not work so i still search about one it work :D