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  1. thanks for sharing this account
  2. ev99

    Mcafee x5

    Wonder if any of these will be good, thanks for it though.
  3. Thanks for sharing, great work. Didn't work for me. Says installation token not found.
  4. Yes, great work. Lets see if they are still good.
  5. Wonder if this still works. Thanks for the share.
  6. Thanks, I hope this hasn't been depleted.
  7. Thanks I will try this one to see what happens.
  8. Trying this out to see if it solves my problem. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I will try this.
  10. Thanks for the great work.
  11. ev99

    Adobe InDesign

    Try the Lynda.com tutorials. I believe there is an account on here if you search. Great stuff to learn. I have been using the program for 10 years.
  12. ev99

    Sentry MBA tutorial

    I'd love to see this tutorial please.