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  1. @docaymen Can you read the rules, SPAM section? Is it too much effort for you to write the complete word?
  2. Here you can read about the demotion: https://nethingoez.com/topic/150602-information-for-the-power-users/ https://nethingoez.com/topic/151849-lost-your-power-user-rank-heres-how-to-regain-it/ I honestly do not understand the degradation of "Power User" to "Member 0" if a Power User stops sharing for whatever reasons, the most logical thing will be to degrade it to the position it had before ascending, that is, to return to the group "Members". With all due respect for my fellow staff, it is an unfair measure.
  3. to Illusive-Man Personally I do not like farewells, I just wanted to comment that is synonymous of greatness, say goodbye as you have done, having recognition and nice words for everyone. Good luck in the future, and you already know, always looking straight ahead.
  4. The idea is to use the color of each tag with the corresponding range. Maybe you can not appreciate it but there are three different reds on your tag, using an orange gradient was not a possible option, because orange is reserved for Super Mod. Thanks for your comments
  5. @xcyclonix Maybe you prefer this? https://ibb.co/keGwvq The problem with icons is that a height of 26 pixels is very little, and it does not look good with that small size.
  6. in the previous labels, happens the same. This is a finished job, correct? - Some labels with NTG, another one does not have it - Others have an icon, others do not - Different text size (check member and super mod) proof - https://ibb.co/bB7T6V I'm just saying that you keep the same style on all the labels. Good luck.
  7. It is important to keep the same style, in the graphics and in the text. Some labels have NTG and others do not, what criteria do you follow? Or all with NTG or none, but all with the same style. Particularly NTG does not contribute anything, it is better to suppress this and make the text bigger.
  8. I'm interested in RR, please allow me 5 minutes to preview.
  9. Ignition

    Ranks for ntg

    Hi Bonez, My hard drive broke last week, now I have not installed Illustrator and Photoshop. I am waiting for the new windows update to install the programs, now my pc is not 100% operative.
  10. Hi, The creation of logos is always done with vectors (illustrator, corel draw). With the vectors you don't lose quality when increasing or decreasing the size, for this reason, you could use the logo for business cards or for a billboard in the street.