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  1. Gigs and gigs of good ass shit... Thanks aabee!
  2. Well it's anew one for me... Thanks Theodore!
  3. hope the movies are still burning.... Thanks garotinho!
  4. 13 minutes old, 54 sites to go... Thanks aabee!
  5. Looking to get that daily fix... Thanks MiNdRoLliNgBlAster2!
  6. wax on wax off, sand the floor, paint the fence... That old man didn't say shit about getting choked out... -Thanks
  7. Say yes to the best! Thanks mimic!
  8. new site for me... as always, Thanks time2go!
  9. got to love premium... thanks Ciccione!
  10. Nice new one, thanks Modemizer!
  11. Will see who is and isn't bangable.... Thanks Modemizer!
  12. About time for some adult time... Thanks time2go!
  13. znonymous


    Will see if I'm adult enough... Thanks time2go!
  14. new site for me.... Thanks nobody!
  15. smoozed in news to me... Will try.... Thanks miotuo!