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  1. thank you very much on this one bruhhh edit: site is DOWN!
  2. thank you very much on this one bruhhh
  3. thanks you for this config bro
  4. thank you for the helpful information
  5. thank you for sharing this bro
  6. Trymenow

    sentry mba

    thank you for the config bro!
  7. brother where have you gone?!

  8. We are monitoring your account and it seems you are taking much more than you are giving. 
    Since you are a long time member of ntg, we shall give you the benefit of the doubt and give you a 
    second chance and hope you start contributing soon. We will continue monitoring and if we see no 
    effort on your part you will be dropped to member0 as well.

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    2. Zezima


      This is not just for you. I have messaged 120 people with same message.

    3. Trymenow


      why can't i reply in the "Premium Account Tosses" ?

    4. Zezima


      because you have reached your limit for 24 hours. This is implemented for everyone

  9. can't figure out the joke..
  10. Trymenow

    My kind of superhero

    deadpool good enough